They Continue

Monday, May 12, 2008

The car problems that is. Remember last week when I mentioned that my dad had locked himself out of his car? That has happened twice now. Someone put in a non-standard car alarm into his car, and it has gone bad. We need to have the alarm removed completely, but that is proving to be difficult. They connected way too many wires, so it is going to cost us. With the alarm the way it is, we can't close our car windows. We need to reach in and open the car from the inside. It is the only car we have at the moment, and we're still working on getting a second. We've had to rent a car a few times over the past year, but that just costs too much. Right up the street from us, we do have car rental available through Advantage rent a car. They are just a few blocks from us, and we have used them in the past. They have a number of different specials and discounts, especially since we live in the area. It is just a pain really though. I'll be glad when my father's car is fixed, and we have a second car. No more hassle.


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