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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Computers are lucky they let us do so much or else they would frustrate us so much that we would never want to use them. Last night I was downloading some files while working on Crash into me. Yes, I found Daniel and Kaelin, by the way. Daniel was talking to me, and all of a sudden my virus program announced I had a virus, and another, and another and another. I sat there for a moment watching alert after alert pop up as I fixed them. So I closed all my programs down, and I went to work getting rid of it. I'm pretty handy with a computer, and it took me just an hour to fix the problem. I had to come online and find the actual file that was loading the virus and how to rid my computer of it. At first, it was being picky, and during the process my mouse started acting funny. I thought maybe the virus had corrupted the mouse driver's on my new wireless mouse.

So I went back to my old mouse, and got the virus eradicated, and then I went back to my new mouse and it didn't work at all. I finally gave up around 5:30 this morning. Woke up, and it worked fine ... for five minutes. It died, and I mean totally died. I had myself and my brother look at it. We thought it might be the batteries, but I thought that was impossible. I haven't had the mouse and keyboard not even a week. Well, I found the 800 number for the company that produces the wireless set, and called them. The woman immediately told me I needed new batteries. Found some new ones, and put them in. Mouse worked perfect. Technology is sometimes more of a pain than its worth.

But, yes Kaelin and Daniel are cooperating, and I'm also working on another short with a Caleb and another guy that I just realized doesn't have a name yet. I'll fix that tonight. I bounce back and forth between the two. One night, I work on one, and the next the other. Caleb's story shouldn't be too long. I also need to work on some other things. I'm taking one thing at a time. I did write almost 800 words yesterday, so I'm pleased with that. I wrote a response to a prompt over Muse Muggers, and that was posted over at my fiction blog if you wanted to hop on over there to check that out.

Yesterday, I found a fun site through I blog I had hopped too, Astrology for Writer's. I am a horoscope nut. I have my horoscope sent to me in my email daily from a couple of different sites, but this one gives you a monthly horoscope outlook for writer's and other creative type folks. Sometimes it is freaky how right on my horoscopes are, and this time is no exception.

This is the one for August:

capricorn: you are indispensable. without capricorns, no skyscrapers would be built, no fortunes would be passed down. you feel a bit abused lately as lady luck is taking some sort of vacation from your life, but your winning ways will return, most likely in the fall.

The one for July spoke about how I would be hitting a dip in productivity that month, but it would pick back up. And boy, doesn't that hit it right on the nail. I did slow down in a sense. My fiction writing was nonexistent, but I wrote nearly 20,000 words total, and that didn't include any writing I did in this blog or in my personal journal. When you add those in, I p=probably pushed 40,000 words. If I focused all those words on my fiction, I'd have a new novella every month. If only I could do that right? Since I write a little bit of everything, I need to give equal attention to both. I'm hoping the patterns I establish this month during Evolunacy stay with me past this month. I want to give both my fiction and nonfiction equal attention.

Hope you're all well. Have a great day everyone!


Kelly Parra said...

Your horoscope was a lot better than mine! ;D

Lynn Daniels said...

So glad your characters are cooperating! I'm still recovering from vacation, and mine are wondering where the heck I've gone. *g*

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