143. The state between sick and not sick

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Since a couple of nights ago, I haven't felt at my best. I'm not totally sick, but I'm not at 100% either. I just feel completely and totally exhausted, and my throat hurts. Stomach had been off since the weekend, but I think that might be a separate issue. I just hate it because my mind isn't clicking as fast as it normally does, and I'm not able to write as much because I feel so very tired. I didn't write much last night. My WIP's didn't get pulled out, but I did write my recap of last night's episode of So you think you can dance, which you can find here.

I updated my sidebar again. This time adding the books I'm reading for review at the moment. Both are e-books and currently released. My reviews should be up in a few weeks. I just need to actually read the books! Which I'll do once I can sit here and not want to fall asleep. I think I'm off to lay down for a bit. I think this might be my shortest blog entry ever. I might be back later, but for now ... have a great day everyone.


Kelly Parra said...

Get better soon, Gina!

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