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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Yesterday, the romance author side of the blogosphere was buzzing about authors reviewing other authors. This subject came up after a review posted over at Paperback Reader. I followed the discussion closely, and a few blogs had discussions over the topic including Helen Kay's and Alison Kent. This topic really interested me because I've reviewed books in the past. I've reviewed for Romance Divas, and I am now reviewing e-books for Erotic Romance Reviews for Women.

As a writer myself, I know bad reviews or criticism can hurt. Yes, when someone puts down the work you've worked so long and hard on it does hurt, but in time you realize those criticisms will only help you improve your writing that much more. This is true especially for the beginning author. I've not yet had my fiction published, but I have been writing non-fiction for years. I've written as column for writers in the past, and the last few years I've written reviews for everything computer hardware and software, movies, music, television, and now I'm jumping into book reviews.

With my book reviews, I always give careful thought before I type. I both praise the author and if anything sticks out at me, I do mention it. I see reviewing anything, including books, as a totally separate entity from my fiction writing. I wear more of a journalistic hat when I review anything. I'm writing to inform the public, and because I'm doing that I want to be as honest as I can be about what I've read. Writing a review of complete praise when it isn't deserved is being dishonest to the person reading the review, especially since some do base their book buying based on what they read on reviews.

If any of you have read my reviews of this season's Queer as Folk you've seen me make point after point about what was wrong with the show this season. I hated doing it, and even after writing the reviews I spoke to those that I knew that I felt like I was ripping on the show when I completely and totally adore it. The writers of the show did make some decisions for characters this season that I found myself totally disagreeing with, and I didn't hold back from mentioning those things. I shouldn't have to. The same should be said for books. I should be able to give an honest review of a book as well. As for the review in question, I read it and yes it was an honest review. I didn't see anything wrong with it. That is just my opinion though. One of many, and we all know people are entitled to difference's of opinion.

In personal writing news, last night was a really good writing night for me. Ever written one of those sequences in a scene where the fingers just seem to fly over the keys and you write it so fast you're not even thinking about it. The character itself has somehow possessed you and when you pick up your hands from the keyboard you're grinning like an idiot? Well, I had one of those moments last night while working on Crash into me. I'm so happy Kaelin and Daniel are cooperating again. Speaking of writing, I added a announcement script on my sidebar from feed burner for my fiction blog that will show when things are updated as well, in case I forget to mention it here.

Last night was the third episode of So you think you can dance on FOX. I'd been watching the past couple of episodes totally bored with the show. It was on for way too long, and the selection process was just tedious. Last night's episode was much better, but I am definitely waiting for Fall TV to come back. If you're interested in my recap of last night's episode, check out my sidebar for the link to my recap on Blogcritics, which I'm happy to report just hit the ten million mark in unique visitors. You can read all about that achievement

Have a wonderful day, everyone.


Michelle said...

I can't wait for Fall TV either. I want to watch LOST again. And 24 in the spring.

BTW, I actually ran into you in Reno, but I wasn't able to say hi. We were in the same Elaine English appointment, sitting on opposite sides of the table. You and I were the ones asking questions and I had to leave early for my editor appointment. I decided it would be a minor faux pas to yell, "Hi Gina!" across the table. (grins)

Gina said...

I think you have the wrong Gina. I wasn't at RWA in Reno. Not even a member! I can't wait for Lost either.

Suzanne said...

Yes, I love it when that happens that I seem to channel the characters. Wish it happened MORE!

Kelly Parra said...

I haven't followed this latest blog buzz, so I don't know much of what has gone on. Of course, I good review is a good review, although it would be hard to take to have a pubbed author give a bad review. =)

Yay, on the good writing last night, Gina!! =D

Michelle said...

Oh, whoops. Sorry about that. There aren't that many writers named Gina, and I could have sworn that was you. My bad. Maybe we'll meet some other time!

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