138. Full Moon Madness

Saturday, August 20, 2005

mood:bouncy & productive
music:bon jovi - bounce

I'm such in an incredibly good mood today. Today was one of the mini-challenges over at Evolution. The challenge to set a goal and complete it between midnight last night and 11:59 tonight. The goals to pick from - 1,000, 5,000 and 10,000 words. I chose the lowest level because a 1,000 words for me is good on any day. so last night, I opened one of my WIP's and I started off. Hoped into the Evolution chat room, and by the end of the night I had met my goal of a 1,000 words and finished a story. This is the first story I've finished in months that is longer than 800 words or so.

The story is the one I just started a couple of weeks ago, in which I only had the finishing sex scene to write. I'd mentioned in here previously I hadn't been in the proper mood to write a hotter than hell sex scene. Am I the only one that needs to be in the proper mindset to write sex? Well, I guess I was last night cause I wrote it and finished the story off, titled For Hire on my word count listing on my sidebar. I've made a few corrections this morning, typos and the like. I need to finish that later, and possibly get someone else to look at it, before I start looking for a place for it. I'm running through all the places in my mind that would take a 3,000 word M/M erotic piece. Any suggestions feel free to throw them at me!

Last night, while I was putting on the finishing touches around 4am, my father came in and asked if I wanted to go out to eat breakfast. I sat there staring at him. Well, after some going back and forth, I decided to go out, even though I was tired. I put the two most beautiful words to every writer known to man - the end, and I changed out of my pajamas and headed out for a big breakfast at the local Denny's. In my mind, it was a reward for finishing the story.

Things just seem to be falling into place. All the changes I've made had a purpose now because I focused on what I needed to and I am getting it done. I'm writing more than ever before. I know I made some unpopular choices. I needed a month to focus on things, and now that I don't feel as pressured and under the gun with my own self-imposed goals, I actually feel like I can loosen up a little and have some fun. Things have changed though, and I know that. Change is one of those inevitable things in life.

Speaking of change, blogger has made some changes. A few new features have been added in the last week that might be of interest to bloggers here on blogspot. I mentioned the Blogger for Word program earlier this week, but two more features were added later on in the week to help block spammers. I wrote an article about those features here. I had originally turned on the new captchas feature that created a word verification tool for comments, but I turned it back off. I might turn it back on. Pondering it because those that are visually impaired can't see the image and then they can't comment. I don't want to block anyone from commenting. I do have my email listed first on the sidebar, but it might still be a hassle for those that visit this blog at some point.

I'm off to blog hop now everyone. Have a wonderful Saturday.


Jordan Summers said...

Wonderful news!!! Keep up the writing!

Kelly Parra said...

Wonderful, Gina, good for you!! It's such a wonderful feeling to finish a project of any size.

I decided to wait on the word verification too, because non-bloggers have to already type in every time they post on blogger, and I didn't want to put anyone out yet. If the Spammers really get to me, though, I may change my mind!

Gina said...

Thanks, Jordan and Kelly!

I'll keep an eye on the spammers here too, and change back to verification if I have to. I know some that were really getting hard.

Jill said...

Like the new look!

Suzanne said...

Great job on the writing challenge!! I hope you enjoyed going out with your dad. It sounds fun. I used to live near my parents so I miss spontaneous outings with them now. :/

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