144. A little something different

Friday, August 26, 2005

I'm still sick. Getting better though, but I had a fever most of the day yesterday, and you know how it is when you have a temp you just feel like crawling under the covers to sleep. I'm still tired today, but not feeling as bad.

Couple of quick links though.

My latest book review for Erotic Romance Reviews for Women went up today, so check my review out for Latigo, a novel released by Torquere Press.

Also, my entry isn't all here today. Well, this is here, but I decided to hop on over to another blog in this grand big blogosphere. Scott over at Scott-o-Rama has opened up his blog for a free for all Friday! Anyone can post, and my post just went up a few moments ago. I talk a bit about the movie Top Gun, Tom Cruise, and I ask the question: Do you have a movie that is your favorite but the actor or actress in it just doesn't do it for you anymore? So if you want to hop over there and leave your two cents, I'll keep my eye on comments!

Back to my regularly scheduled blogging tomorrow. I hope anyway! See how this bug I've got goes. This just sounded fun, and my mind sort of worked for me, so I decided to join in. Have a great day everyone!


Suzanne said...

I hope you're feeling better, Gina!

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