139. Another Sunday arrives

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Wow. Where is this summer going? Here is Arizona, the kids are already back in classes. Some school districts starting as early as the 8th of August. This doesn't really effect me. Since I'm not a parent or work in the educational system now. A little tidbit you might not have caught on before. I'm not sure I've mentioned it in here, but its possible I have. My formal education was in education. I went to college to obtain a teaching certification and a degree in education. Well, I did get the degree, but the certification never exactly went through. In my last semester of my training, the powers that be decided I wasn't suitable for classroom teaching.

I think it was just one of those situation where one thing after another kept getting in the way. The final decision was either start my final semester over in the fall or graduate without my certification. this was told to me about a month before graduation, with the addition of you'd have to file this and that paper in order for that to even happen, and someone will have to approve you doing that. I threw my hands up in the air and told them to get me out of there. I was that frustrated. Sleepless nights, stress, headaches. All of it piling on me. Well, final word came down the weekend before graduation, which gave me no time to tell any of my family elsewhere to come out. The spring of 1998 was just a messy time.

There are times when i miss working with children, but I always stop myself from doing so. If someone tells you're not fit to work in a classroom with children, it sort of sticks the thought in your mind and you just don't try it again. They actually suggested I stick to writing and maybe try writing for the classroom. Which I did try, and I did have a book contract for a set of books on the states. Then the publisher went belly up. So I went from writing children's nonfiction to writing erotica and romance. Now isn't that a jump?

I didn't write much yesterday. In fact, I didn't write at all. not in any of my WIP's. I do have ideas for a couple of articles. I hear Romancing the Blog is open for submissions again, and I think I have an idea for something, so I might throw that together later on today. I plan to tackle one of my WIP's later, and maybe write this little fic I had an idea for fan fiction wise. I had no intentions of jumping back into fan fiction, but apparently my Queer as Folk fics are getting some attention. I posted one and it ended up translated to some foreign language it was liked so much. I think I've written three or four short fics now. The writers of Queer as Folk even mentioned "long live the fan fiction" in an email posted on one of their sites.

Last night, we rented Sin City on DVD. I hadn't seen the movie yet, but I'd been wanting to. I'm a huge fan of Jessica Alba, and the rest of the cast is amazing too. I truly enjoyed the movie. I liked how everyone was tied to that one place where Nancy worked or Nancy herself. However, they all had different stories to tell. All taking place in one city. I also liked how the beginning and the end tied things up in a nice bow. Good movie. I recommend it.

Have a great Sunday everyone.


Michelle said...

I never knew that you were once an education major. It sounds like the powers that be weren't all that supportive. But I think working with children is tough. You have to really find the age group you click with. I was lucky enough to have a program that allowed me to try both elementary and middle education, and I found my niche.

Sounds like the Queer as Folk writing is going well for you!

Gina said...

I went for elementary. Some said I should have gone for high school.

It is. The feedback for it is great. If only you could get paid to write fan fiction.

Lori Devoti said...

Thanks for de-lurking. :)

Gina said...

Thanks for stopping by Lori!

Kelly Parra said...

So sorry about the certification, Gina! But good for you that you graduated!

I saw SIN CITY. It was different and interesting. I like Alba too. =)

Suzanne said...

I taught for a couple years. You aren't missing anything. It was hell, LOL.

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