119. RWA revisited again

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Shortly after I posted my blog yesterday, I went off to read the blogs of others, and I found the topic of the day happened to be the RWA conference. As I expected to be. Not much had been said about those that attended the conference up to that point, so I was getting curious. I am not an RWA member, but I do like knowing what is happening in case I do decide to join. This summer seems to be one mess after another through when it comes to the RWA.

First we had graphical standards. Sites that contained certain words or hotter covers might lose their link from the main site. We all remember what turmoil and outrage this caused. Next came the RWA trying to set a definition of romance. A definition that appeared to leave out same sex relationships and those of a paranormal nature. Both of which are popular. We also have a definition that might leave those that write the steamier erotic romances out in the cold.

Well, now we have the latest in the long line of problems this summer. This taking place at the RWA national conference Golden Heart and Rita awards ceremony. I know a few of the nominees, and I wanted to know how these went. When the results were announced this past Saturday night reported in by text by Sylvia Day, I was excited. Never did I imagine the scenario that has come to light about the awards ceremony just in the last day. Through my blog hopping I found a post Selah March. I found other posts as well, including one by Candy at Smart Bitches, Trashy books.

The tale of the ceremony itself is mind boggling. The fact that Nora Roberts herself backed out the day before the ceremony was to be held speaks volumes in itself to me. Nora herself posted a statement on her message board that she had asked to have read before the ceremony, and it wasn't.

I don't see how showing image after image of tragic events over the last twenty five years was in the best interest to the RWA and its membership. Romance novels are supposed to be fun and positive. The awards ceremony is to celebrate romance novels and acknowledge those that have done the romance genre well. We have so much going on in the world. Daily I read the news and I see bombings taking place, people dying all across the globe. No, we shouldn't forget these events have occurred, but do we want to be reminded of them at a place that is supposed to be a celebration?

In today's blog hopping I learned of more that happened at the conference. Again from a post in Selah's blog. This in regards to erotic romance. Apparently someone asked the powers that be about adding an erotic romance category to the awards, and they were given a very cold reception. That just makes me sad to know. If it did happen that is. I wasn't there, so I have no way of knowing personally. I just know with so many authors writing in this genre, and even a chapter specifically for erotic romance now in place, not recognizing these authors just seems wrong. At least in my opinion. With each day that passes, and with each event that occurs, I find myself wanting less and less to join the RWA, and possibly finding another organization to join.

I know that some say having an RWA membership show you are serious about your craft, but I think I can show that just as much without it. I do wish I could join for the comraderie of the organization, and someday I just might do that. I'll never say never cause that is when you can get yourself in trouble.

Hope all are well. Have a great day everyone.


Diane said...

Great piece. Boy I tell you the conference made quite a splash this year, didn't it?

Gina said...

It certainly did.

Lynn Daniels said...

I've been following all the controversy on the internet, and it just floors me. I've come to the point of expecting major controversy with TTQ., and can only soothe myself with the reminder that she's nearing the end of her term as president.

That said, I'm still glad I'm a member of RWA. I'm a member of some great chapters and have met awesome people through those chapters.

Angelle Trieste said...


I consistently hear from people how great RWA is because of the local chapters. If you don't belong to a local chapter and/or there isn't one close by, is there any value in retaining an RWA membership?

I'm seriously debating what I should do.

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