146. Watching Katrina

Sunday, August 28, 2005

I'm nowhere near the gulf coast. I'm here safe in my home in Arizona, but I know a lot of people are in the area in the path of the storm. I've been watching the coverage since I heard Hurricane Katrina had hit a Category 5. I told a friend this, and he asked me what the heck did that mean? Basically it means the storm is as bad as it could get, and it looks to be hitting those in Mississippi and Louisiana quite hard. My best friend is in Louisiana, a bit west of the affected area, but still in the state. I have another friend, I believe in Baton Rouge. I know Charlotte is also in the area. Just taking a quick look at posts across the blogosphere, several others are in the area and dealing with evacuations. I stood up til 6:30am watching news coverage, and then I fell asleep and woke up a little after one to only turn on the coverage again.

One small irk that I've had with all this coverage? I know I saw this mentioned this morning. Not yet today, and I'm surely hoping I don't. However, tonight in Miami is the MTV Video Music Awards. Miami was hit a few days ago when the storm was only a category one. A small storm compared to what is now going to be hitting within some hours. However, we've been assured that the awards will go on! Okay, this is what gets me. I understand keeping the status quo and going forward the show, but there are people in Florida dealing with the after effects of this storm. We have people in Mississippi and Louisiana that are about to get hit by this huge storm. Those covering the storm are worried about "large loss of life." However, we can all be assured that the VMA's will air. I know my attention is not on the fact that the VMA's are about to air. My attention is focused on the news and those in the area that are about to be affected. Am I the only one that sees how wrong this is? Or am I just overreacting. Yes, I have wondered if I'm doing just that. My prayers and thoughts are with all those in the affected areas.

In personal news, I did get some writing done last night. I wrote two pages by hand, and I'll try typing those in here in a bit. Last night, I did watch The Grudge, and I've always heard from people about how scary the movie was, and it didn't scare me at all in the least bit. In fact, I felt myself laughing in some parts just because it was so not even scary. Anyone else seen this movie?

I'm going to watch more coverage now. Be safe and have a great day everyone.


crystal said...

It does seem really silly that everyone is so focused on the VMAs when there are more important things going on. Instead of watching the news and seeing what can be done to help, people are more interested in who's wearing what on the red carpet. Truthfully, I didn't even know of the severity of what was going on until last night; I haven't been at home much at all recently so I haven't caught the news but now that I know it's just so scary. :[

Kelly Parra said...

It's America's way, I think...we only show respect for tragedy past, not for what has yet to happen.

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