142. The pain of technology and setting goals

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Just spent an hour going through features over at Writers Write, since I was made one of the admins today, and the software is making me go bug eyed! I'm fairly technical minded, so I'm hoping to figure it out in time, but right now I'd like find the nearest wall and bang my head against it! Hah. Didn't get much writing done last night. Some, but not as much as I liked. I was feeling restless and my mind was filling with all these thoughts.

Somewhere around midnight, it hit me that in under six months, I'll be thirty. The big 3-0. Since when did that happen? I don't feel like a woman knocking on thirty's door. Some say I act like a woman of 20. I've made some changes in my behavior the last year. Gained some maturity and taken some responsibility, but I'm still the same person I've always been pretty much. Many of my online friends that I talk to are years younger than me. I don't see as a number that controls who my friends are. Never have.

For a woman my age, one would think I'd be married, children possibly, in a home of my own, but I don't have any of things I'm 29, and I live with my father and my brother, both who I love dearly. We have two rugrats of the feline variety. I don't have a set income either. Another thing most people my age have. My income depends on my writing. All these thoughts led me to what I want to accomplish in th future because let's face I'm not getting any younger.

So in my mind I started setting some goals. By the end of the of 2006, I want to be in print, whether it be an e-book or in a print book. i want to see my name on the cover of a story. I'd say 2005, but that is just a few months from now. Nonfiction wise, I want to find something that is more established and paying. Another column or several columns. Five years from now, I want to have sold to NY. I may start with e-books, but that isn't where I want to stay.

When I hear the good news of others selling, it makes me feel it is possible for me to do so as well. Just in the last two days, Beth has posted about her own successes. She's signed on to write five more books in the next two years. Not one, but five. That's just amazing, and it shows you that those that work at it do fine success. You just have to keep pushing at it.

I have this sneaking suspicion that I'm getting sick. I really hope not, but I didn't feel all that great last night, and today I have a sore throat. I really really hope I'm not. Check my sidebar for my recap and review of last night's episode of Real World: Austin. Have a great day everyone.


kacey said...

goals are good. Aim a bit high and reach for them.

And as far as where you are at 30. If you're happy with your life, that's what's important!

Kelly Parra said...

You're young at heart, and that's great! Like Kacey said, just matters that you're happy. =D

Gina said...

And I am happy, ladies! Thanks for commenting!

Audrey Shaffer said...

Hey Gina, don't worry about your age. Life begins at 30. And it gets even better at 40. Yeah, I'm old...but I'm looking forward to 50. :)

Life is what you make it. I wasted my first 30 years whining and complaining. At 30, I realized I wasn't a kid anymore, and decided to make changes. The past 15 years have been amazing!

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