145. On the mend

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Thanks to those that left me get well wishes. I think I'm knocking out whatever bug I had. I'm still not sure what I had. I just know that I was feverish and exhausted. My mind didn't want to function at all. It's getting back into shape though. I started reading one of my books for review last night even. Good story so far. I'll probably pick up where I left tonight at some point. The Grudge is on HBO, and I have plans to watch that as well. I just looked at my spreadsheet in which I chart my word count progress and the last two days had nothing but big fat zeros. Even though I was sick I feel guilty about that. i had a reason for those zeros though.

The other day I wrote about setting goals and me staring down 30 in the face. Thanks for everyone that did comment that entry. I've had a lot of time to think about that entry since I wrote it. Kacey commented that it was important that I was happy with my life. Honestly? I am. I know I'm exactly where I want to be right now, but I'm working towards getting there. I'm doing something I love, and I am working seriously towards achieving some kind of success with my writing. I'm pursuing it like it is a career now.

I have some amazing people in my corner, cheering me on. It always seems to end up being the same ones too. People may come and go, but there is a comfort in knowing you have some people that you know will always be there. No, nothing is forever. Friendships can and do change, but sometimes there are people in your life that go past the everyday normal friends. They almost become family, and I've always believed with family, you always love no matter what. Family is unconditional love. Even if they make mistakes you still love them. Even if for some reason or another you never talked to them again, if you picked up that phone in the middle of the night, and they needed you? You would still be there for them. That is just what family does.

Life is just this crazy thing. every day something changes. You learn something new every day. No matter how old you are. Al thats in your life is are you happy with where you are and how your life is? If you're not happy, then you need to change something. Because above all else, you need to be happy. So the question is ... are you happy with your life?


Michelle said...

Though I haven't met all the goals I want to achieve, yes, I'd say I'm happy. :) I have two great kids, a nice husband, and a good job. Overall, not bad.

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