133. Writing realizations

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Did you ever sit there when you're writing or you're reading over what you wrote and see some kind of pattern you're developing with your writing? Something that you seem to do again and again within your own stories? It might be a favorite word or style, a location, or even a type of character? It could be any number of things, but it is something you see in your writing over and over. When you notice it, it makes you think about it and your writing, where you are going with it.

Well, I had one of those realizations the other night when I was writing on my new WIP. Yes I have three now. although one is almost done. I just need to write some hotter than hell sex, and I haven't been in the mood to write hotter than hell sex the last week or so. it's a short gay erotica piece, so all it really does need is for me to wrap it up with the actual sex. I can see the other two WIP's taking more of my time. I'm about halfway done with Crash into me, and this new one has been going at a good pace. The past two nights I've written at least a few pages by hand, and yesterday those pages turned into 3 pages, and this morning before bed, I write out a few more, and I plan to type those in later. There is something different about writing out things by hand than by keyboard. Usually when I write things by hand, it is very rough, and when I type things in additions are easier to make for me.

I got off track though. I was talking about my realization. My realization is that typically one of my male characters tends to be your typical Type A always wants to be in control personality. In the case of Crash into me, both my male leads are that way, which makes it an interesting push and shove because they both want that control. However, one of them in that situation is willing to back down and allow the other to take the lead if necessary. Kaelin and Daniel have been fun to work with, and I know if things hadn't been thrown so positively off track back in July, I'd probably have the first draft done by now. It'll get done though.

In my newest WIP, which I'm going to try to get done for the Shivers contest, my one male Drew, is another typical Type A personality. This guy is really bad about it, and I think that is what is going to make the writing of this one fun because his world is about to get totally turned upside when he finds out the house he just bought is haunted.There is more to the story than the just the haunted house angle, but I don't want to give too much away here yet. I was just interested by the fact that I see this pattern developing with my characters I create. I don't do much pre-writing or plotting before hand. I get an initial concept and just dive in head first. Do any of you out there see any patters in your own writing that appear again and again in your stories? Types of characters, situations or locations that pop up repeatedly?

In other news, my latest book review for over at Romance Divas went up last night. This review was of Guilty Pleasures, a collection of short erotic stories by Maria Isabel Pita from Magic Carpet Books. This paperback was a joy to read over the last month. i would have finished it sooner, but as I mentioned earlier July definitely was a mess for me. I've already signed up for my next review from the site. I'm just waiting for the official assignment to be handed down. to read my review of this book hop on over to here. That is a direct link to the review. You'll need a PDF viewer to read it.

I know I have a few of you out there that use Blogger for your blogs, and today on one of my loops someone posted a link to a plug-in for Microsoft Word that allows you to post to your blogger blog straight from MS Word. I downloaded it and took a quick look at it, and it looks fairly basic. You can find the plug-in here if you want to check it out. for the past month or so I've been using Semagic to update my blogger account since they added that feature to it in the last month or two. It's the same program that I've been using to update my journal on one of the live journal based sites, and its fairly easy to use, has spell check and some basic HTML features to make it easier to post. I figured I would share the link to both in case anyone was interested.

Have a great evening everyone. I'm off to blog hop!


Shane said...

You and your erotica.

Gina said...

Oh shh you. You love me and my erotica!

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