147. Eye opening

Monday, August 29, 2005

Yesterday, I talked about watching the news coverage of Katrina. I continued to watch, and I continued to worry. My one friend in Baton Rouge said there was no need for me to worry because she'd be okay. however, that wasn't the only reason for my worry. A whole segment of the country was under the gun with this storm so to speak. The gun just needed to find its aim, and for the longest time that aim looked to be directed towards New Orleans. If it hit directly on that city, the city might have ended up underwater, and there is no telling if the city would have ever been the same. Even with the storm hitting a bit to the east instead of hitting on New Orleans, the storm has still caused catastrophic damage. Highways are under water, and when you look at it? I mean really look at it, there are people that will be without power for days, people that have lost everything they own and some have even lost their lives ...

It makes you open your own eyes. That problem you have with this or that doesn't mean all that much because their is someone somewhere else that just lost it all. I know the thought is a bit of a downer, but it is reality. When something happens in the world around you it open your own eyes. It makes you grateful for what you do have because somewhere out there someone else would want that very thing you're complaining or whining about. The storm has weakened to a category one, but that doesn't mean the storm is done. There is a tornado threat and flooding is still in process. Storms aren't only happening here in the US, but India is dealing with monsoons. I hope all those effected by this storm are well. I know of a few bloggers in the nearer blogoshpere that are in the areas affected, and I hope we hear from them soon. Even if I don't know them personally, I know there are people out there that are concerned, and I hope they are able to check in quite soon.

With my mind being so focused on the storm, I barely watched the VMA's. I still can't believe they aired as scheduled, but I did turn them on. The show wasn't very entertaining. I enjoyed Shakira's performance and seeing MC Hammer after all these years was good, but that's about it! I'm not even sure about the water stunt Kelly Clarkson did. i didn't get much writing done last night. I did type up what I wrote the night before, and I wrote a page last night that needs typed in. I think I found a place to submit the story I finished last week, and now I need to get over my submission anxiety and actually submit it!

Have a great day everyone.


Michelle said...

I know what you mean. Hurricanes are frightening with the flooding potential. Fingers crossed that everyone in LA is okay.

Kelly Parra said...

It's been a tough hurricane and now tropical storm. Good luck with the submission. =)

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