135. Some more writing revelations and other rambles

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Thanks to everyone that commented on the new look. Changing the backdrop was one of the easiest parts HTML wise. The tweaking of the sidebar is what took the longest. I think it looks less cluttered. I might add back some quotes to the sidebar later, but for now I'm fairly set blog wise. After I finished, I did go off to write some, but I didn't get as much done as I wanted to. I'll type it up later. My mind was getting tired, so I quit and laid down to read. The other day I started reading Seeing Red by Jill Shalvis. I'm about fifty pages in right now, and I'm enjoying the story so far. I can't wait to get more into it. I really like the heroine so far, and the male seems to have a lot to him as well.

I have a quick kitten story. JJ is about 6 months now, and he is as hyper as ever. Since my hours are so off for him, he's wide awake when I'm dead to the world asleep. Well, yesterday morning around 8am I was woke up with a loud crash. I sat up and quickly looked around, finding my lamp on the floor. He had ripped the lamp shade right off and the lamp lay on the floor in two pieces. The actually lamp itself didn't break, but the lamp shade was a goner. Apparently, the lamp also blew the bulb when it crashed, and that was probably the loud sound I heard. I put the lamp away and went back to bed. Later on in the day, I was working on things, and I needed to print out something. I go to turn on the printer, nothing. No light. No sound.

I thought somehow when the lamp blew the bulb it had somehow also blew the printer right out. If that had been the case, you might have noticed a "Kitten for sale" post in my blog. I'd already had to buy new speakers, and a main factor in going wireless for my keyboard and mouse was because JJ likes to play with wires a bit too much, and my mouse or keyboard was always being pulled when I was trying to work. I calmly try to look for the problem. Calmly when you have a hundred dollar piece of machinery possibly dead, that is. After a few minutes, I discover the plug that goes into the adapter that goes into the back of the printer had been pulled out. I looked at it, and it didn't look like the work of the kitten because he leaves evidence. So I look at the older cat and just shake my head. Some time last week, the older cat had also figured out how to pull the keyboard plug that goes into the back of the computer as well. A family member caught him in the act when I was in the shower. He's supposed to be a positive influence! Sigh! They are lucky I love them.

In my post yesterday, I discussed a recent revelation I had about my own writing. I had another one as well that I had forgotten to mention, and it goes along with something I saw in Kelly's blog today. The last couple of days she has been talking about character development. Interesting thoughts there, so you might want to go check them out. Today she talked about internal conflict and back story. In my own writing, I've noticed I go very heavy on the internal conflict. Some that have read say I'm actually in the character's head too much, and its boring to read. Others have said that they like a lot of internal conflict. So where is the balance? Is there room for a lot of internal thoughts and conflict or do the reader's want the basics. I've seen stories that are bare boned with descriptions and dialogue that work, and I've seen others that more thoughts in the heads of the characters is there. I guess it might be a personal preference. How much internal conflict is too much? How do you find that balance? Thoughts?

One last quick thing before I go, my recap of last night's Real World episode is up here. Good episode. I enjoyed it. Tonight is So you think you can dance. I believe it is on for 2 hours tonight. I hope it doesn't turn into a snooze fest because last time the show went for two hours, it just dragged the second hour for me. More premiere dates for some of my favorite shows have been set. The O.C. is set for September 8th. I happen to love this show a great deal, although I still think I shouldn't because it is set mostly for teens, and I'm far removed from my teen years. I can't wait for the season to start. One of my favorite actresses, Jeri Ryan, is appearing in some episodes early on in the season.

I've rambled enough! Have a great day everyone.


Katie said...

jwehf I totally just realized how to finally comment these. God am I slow or am I slow.

Hi I love you :*

Gina said...

Hi! Nice to see you here, sweetie! It is a bit different than what we're used to on the journaling sites!

Kelly Parra said...

Hi Gina, it is hard to balance the internal thoughts and the dialogue. Sometimes you have to go with your instinct or what you enjoy to read yourself! =D

RLC said...

Hi, I just cruised in from your siggie link on AW. I like the OC too, I hope this season will be better than last, though. With the Dance show, I find myself constantly bored even though I'm excited about watching it before it comes on!

RE: character thoughts, I'm working on a novel draft where, on the reread, I get lost in the character's head and forget what's going on in scene. It's hard to know what's too much...I'm going to just try to make the inner dialogue short enough to keep the reader in-scene or make those thoughts directly relate to what's going on, alter some thoughts to actually occur in-scene (don't quite know how to explain that, but you know like mental flashbacks I might be able to write in as earlier scenes), and of course try to cut a lot...but it sure is hard to know, isn't it? What one reader will love, another will hate...

Gina said...

Thanks, Kelly. That's what i am trying to do. i just don't want to have the story totally focus on the internal. I'm trying to work on that.

Hi RLC, thanks for cruising on in. I'm realy hoping this season of the OC is better than last season. Last season seemed to drag on a bit in parts. As with the Dance show, the first few episodes really bored, but once the competition got under way, I really got into it. It is hard to know what to do. you can't please everyone though.

Jill said...

Love the new look, and glad you're enjoying Seeing Red!

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