100. My 100th entry

Friday, July 15, 2005

Entry 100. Honestly, when I began keeping this blog I didn’t think it would stick. This is actually my third attempt at keeping a blog. My first being back in November. I signed up for Tripod’s blogging service, and I didn’t really like it all that much. I found blogger in early January and moved my blog to this site.

However, I really didn’t keep the blog all that well up to date. I had no idea about blog listings or places such as Author Blogs or Romancing the Blog. At this point, the only online place I felt comfortable with was Romance Divas. I had found the forum back in November, and I had joined. I’d been a member of many emailing lists, but I think this was my first message board that was writing related. I belong to other message boards, and I’ve joined a few more writing specific ones since, but Romance Divas still feels like home.

When I sat down in late February - early March, I decided to once again try blogging. My worry was being able to find content to write on a regular basis. My first thought was to update weekly with entries. At first I included reviews and other type articles before finding Blogcritics, and moving these type articles to their and linking them here.

I found Author Blogs and Romancing the Blog, and then some Divas joined the blogging ranks, and it made things easier. People started reading and commenting. I began blogging daily, and it became something which started my day.

Since I began blogging, it had made me write more. It’s kind of sad when you have a writer’s blog when you never talk about the writing you are doing yourself. So it makes me keep on my toes, and keep writing. Whether it be my nofiction or fiction, I am writing each and every day. My nonfiction is what is getting me known right now, so I am working that as much as I can.

Just today, I received a notification from Guru for a freelance writing position that is just perfect for me. A new online magazine here in Arizona focusing on the gay community. As soon as I saw the position, I went to guru and submitted my proposal for the job. With most of my nonfiction in recent months being geared to the gay community online, I’m really hoping this position comes through. It would hopefully be steady income that will allow me to focus more on my fiction instead of always writing nonfiction.

Just late night, I had one of those small pleasant surprises when an article I had submitted came back to me in an google alert. The article is in my sidebar and discusses UCLA establishing a gay film archive. When I saw it, I probably blinked a couple of times because I wasn’t expecting to see it come through.

Things have been crazy personally lately for me and my family. My father has had a small relapse of an illness he’s had as long as I can remember. Nothing fatal, but it looks like it will require a short hospital stay for him. He’s nearing eighty, so anytime the hospital is involved with someone in that age range their is concern. My mind has been filled with worry, so I’m surprised I’ve gotten much writing done at all this week. If you can keep my father in your thoughts, I’d appreciate it.

Have a great Friday everyone. Now I’m off to blog hop.


Stephanie said...

Hey Gina. I like your site. I am trying to do a site like this as well. I tried once before. My site is with xanga.com. You can check it out if you want. I like your Real World Austin comments on Blogcritics.org. Take care.
My site is

Beth Ciotta said...

Fingers crossed for the freelance position at Guru, Gina. Sounds perfect!

Wishing your dad a speedy recovery. My thoughts are with both of you.

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