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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Mood: hot
Music: Ordinary - Train

Another Saturday is upon us, and the heat is driving me insane. At least, I saw on my television today that is not only hot and miserable here but elsewhere. My brother was watching the Cardinals vs. Cubs on TV, and he told me it was 110 there in St. Louis, which is just mind boggling to me. I never thought it reached those temps in that city. Tonight on my cable, we have The Village on one station and the sequel to Anaconda on the other. Since we get both the east coast feed and the west coast feed I can watch both. I'd been interested in seeing The village for sometime, so I'm looking forward to at least checking it out. As for Anaconda, I'll probably end up watching and hiding my head half the time. I have a long standing phobia of snakes, so I have no idea why I even want to watch it other than one of my favorite lesser known actors, Nick Gonzalez, is in it, and I told myself there was no way in hell I'd go to see the movie in theaters because it is harder to hide from the big snakes on the big screen. So I shall at least watch it for him. You might recognize him from his short stint on The O.C. this season or from Showtime's Resurrection Blvd, which I watched while it aired.

The past week I've been doing some work on my blogroll off and on. Adding some new blogs to it. I added some more of the Divas to it, and this morning I added some of the folks from over at the ERWA to it since someone asked if any of the members blogged. A few do. More and more people are jumping on the blogging craze lately. One of my close Internet friends even joined the blogging ranks this week, and he plans to join Blogcritics as soon as the person that adds people comes back from their vacation. He even expressed interest in writing a novel just the other day. He is always asking me questions about my own writing and the writing process, and I enjoy having someone to talk to about these things.

Last night or this morning more appropriately, I found out that Congress is trying to extend Daylight Savings time by two months. Living here in Arizona it wouldn't do anything much to me. I'm in one of those limbo states that never jumps forward or back with the rest of the country. Indiana is another one of those states. The proposal mentions how extending DST it will save electricity. Maybe I am missing something here but I thought the sun controlled the daylight, and not what the time said on the clock. If it is gonna to get dark, it is going to get dark regardless of the time we show on our clocks. so I'm a bit confused. Also just because it gets dark doesn't mean people go to sleep and the electricity goes off. Look at me. I'm up til the sunrise, and I know I'm not the only one. Anyway, I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens.

I have felt this strong desire lately to make some changes in my life, but I'm not exactly sure how to go about doing that. Sometimes in life it feels like you take two steps forward and one step back, and I have had that feeling more and more the last week or so. I think some changes need to be made soon though. I just don't know exactly what those changes are yet. Wait, I do know one of those changes. I need to get back to writing Crash into me or start work on the other idea I've been playing around with in my head lately. That's the first change to be made. Definitely.


T. Stark said...

I think it might have been 107 on the field. it often gets hotter there because it's closed in.

And Tucson's been cooler than Casa Grande, Ariz. where I live.

I love finging AZ bloggers. i don't make an effort to search them out as it would be too easy that way.

T. Stark said...

or "finding" even.

Gina said...

I love finding others in Arizona too. I'm in the Phoenix area, and the weather has just been horrible lately. Even indoors its miserable if the a/c doesn't work right.

remittance girl said...

I thought I'd drop in for a visit and say hello. Lovely blog - a great read!

Hugs, rg

Joe said...

Yay for joining Blogcritics!!

As for the Daylight Savings Time issue...I don't really care one way or another since we're in the limbo states. I just don't want our shows to be all wacky, sigh.

As for making changes in your life, like Sheryl Crow always sang...a change could do you good!

W. S. Cross said...

Thanks for the link, fellow ERWA member! The favor's returned at Beyond You & Me.

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