112. Ghost town and Fall TV

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

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Well it has a small feeling of a ghost town around the blogs I usually read. Everyone has either gone off or is in the process of doing so to attend the RWA conference. I'm not a member of the RWA, so I had no intentions of going to the conference in Reno. A good many have though, so the blogosphere in our neck of the woods here is a bit silent. I'm using the time to dive into my writing and reading. Last night, I finished reading Beautiful Bodies, and as soon as I know the review format I plan to write up that. Good book, good writing. Somethings just left me scratching my head a little, but that's all I say on that for now.

Earlier I noticed that some of the networks announced their fall television schedules, and you can read my write up on that here. I'm really looking forward to the Fall season. There really isn't much on right now that is catching my interest except for Real World and Queer as Folk. My reviews for both of those shows are up for the week, and available on my sidebar if you're interested in checking them out. Queer as Folk ends it series this weekend though, so my Sunday's will change dramatically until the fall season picks back up. Sunday is reserved for Grey's Anatomy for me. The L Word won't be back until early 2006, so I have a long wait for that to come back.

Today while reading my news feeds I saw this article pop up about Dancing with the Stars. As you know I reviewed this show weekly while it aired, and the result left me a bit unhappy. Well, apparently the network and Kelly Monaco were interviewed recently about the show and its end result. Kelly really had a "I do not care" attitude, and when the network was asked if favoritism was involved in her win, since she works on an ABC show. The person answered by saying something to the effect that he didn't know she was on an ABC show. This had me laughing because you would think someone involved with the network would know she is one of their daytime TV stars.

The days are counting down to the beginning of August ever so quickly, and I am quite proud with my progress this month writing wise. I've written a few articles, some paid and some for free. Some of my free ones have been picked up for syndication to other news sites, so that is good as well. I think my perfect job would have me writing about entertainment and television for pay. I get paid for some of my reviews. I'd like to get paid for all of them. This would be in addition to my fiction getting published of course. Maybe someday.

Yesterday I had a small surprise. I had written a few short articles back in January for a project that didn't seem to be working out. It just wasn't for me. The publisher never had even paid me for the little work I had done, and I had chalked it up to a loss. Well, yesterday I got a payment notification in my email from my Paypal. I wasn't expecting anything, so it confused me. However, going to the site and checking up on it showed me who it was from and why quite easily. It was from this long forgotten project. I had seen my articles pop up a few places as well in recent months, so I'm glad I finally received payment for them.


Sheri said...

I'm guilty of going off . . . but not to Reno. Wish I were. Things just always get in the way. I'm trying to slowly push myself back out here in cyber space. I actually miss all my favorite blogs!

Anonymous said...

I visited your site. I don't mean to sound rude or anything, but I couldn't help wondering if you were homosexual. I don't care. I just wondered because I saw all the gay novels and that you watch the L Word and Queer As Folk. Just wondering.

Gina said...

Sheri, good to see you back!

Hi anonymous, I'm a bisexual female. Thanks for asking.

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