91. Sometimes you just need to get out

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I'm not really much of a person that likes to go out. Most of my days are spent within my apartment, and a great deal of my waking hours are spent in front of the computer. My computer and the Internet are the ways I keep up with the world around me. When my motherboard died on my system back in January, I was computerless for a week, and I think I pretty much drove everyone insane. I think it might not have been so bad if I had at least been able to use my computer, even if I couldn't get online for a few days. At least I'd have been able to write, read, play games. At least have some way to keep the monotony at bay.

Lately, I've been wanting to get out more. I went to see War of the Worlds on the 4th. I plan to go see Fantastic Four on Friday when it is released, and I went browsing the discount stores today with my brother. for those that were wondering what movie I mentioned in yesterday's post, it was War of the Worlds. I had mentioned it by name back on Monday's entry, but I had neglected to mention the title of it yesterday when I mentioned it again. For those that want to see my review of the movie, their is a link to my review on my sidebar.

Writing is a fairly solitary life. Some say writer's are their own breed. We get lost in our heads more often than not, and many people just don't understand how we operate. i really can't imagine my life any other way. Today I was talking to my brother. I'm not able to work a job out of the home for personal reasons, and my brother asked me if I could work, would I be doing something other than writing? I answered quickly and emphatically, no. I don't see myself doing anything else. I've always wanted to write. Since I was a young child. It's just taking me a bit of time to get where I want to be.

As I mentioned yesterday, i heard back from my CP on Crash into me. I'm always nervous sending my stuff to people, and no one had seen Crash into me in its entirety yet. Well, I was really worried about nothing in this case. I did have a lot of concerns about the story. All writer's wonder if their story is going to catch someone's attention. Well, my CP loved what I have so far of CIM, which made me giddy. She made some good suggestions too, but she picked up on some of the scenes I was worried about, and she loved them. So last night, I picked up CIM, and wrote about a page. I'm a slow writer, but a page is good for me. Especially since I wrote three articles yesterday. i have a review to write up tonight on this last episode of Dancing with the Stars, a show I have been watching and reviewing weekly since the beginning. Once that is done I might take a few days just to focus solely on my fiction. I want to write some more on CIM, and I have another story I want to polish and submit as well. a writer's work is never done.

Have a great Wednesday everyone.


Jill said...

Did you watch the final of Dancing With The Stars?

Gina said...

Yes, I did, and my review of last night's show is in my sidebar, Jill.

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