103. Monday Ramblings

Monday, July 18, 2005

First off, let me start with last night's episode Queer as Folk. This show is getting better as the season progresses. The last half an hour of this episode had me in tears and on the edge of my seat. The start of the season was slow, but the episodes are now picking up pace. It really saddens me this show will be over in just there weeks time. There is only three episodes left before the last credit roll. I was hoping my review of last night's episode would be up by now, but it seems to not be. I'll let you all know when it is.

In my blog hopping today, I found some interesting and humorous things. first the funny. According to Monica Jackson, Britney is planning to have her birth aired on television. I couldn't find the article Monica referenced, but as soon as I read Monica's entry, I laughed out loud. I used to actually be a fan of Britney Spears, and I'll enjoy listening to an occasional tune, but I'm not sure where her mind is these days. I might actually feel sorry for her. In the end though, if she is happy with her life, then that is what is important.

Over on Shannon's blog, she linked to a 3 part rant about the Squawk radio post that I talked about in an earlier post. I'm not going to rehash everything again. I just found myself nodding my head in agreement with a lot of the points made, so I thought I would share.

Another important notice for those that might receive an email from Deidre Knight was posted last night in the Knight Agency blog. apparently in recent weeks, someone has gone along impersonating Deidre and emailing unsuspecting e-pubbed authors. Surely something to be on the look out for.

In the past couple of weeks since going to see Fantastic Four, I've been meaning to write my own review of the film. I keep reading review after criticizing this or that about the movie, and I just shake my head. I really enjoyed the movie. I wasn't going in to be wowed or find a movie that had the cure for Cancer. I went in to enjoy a couple of hours with a fun story and characters. I got that. I'm wondering if people possibly expected too much. It's a movie based on a comic strip series. I still might write my own review. I just needed to say something.

Have a wonderful Monday evening everyone.


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