115. Good news all around

Saturday, July 30, 2005

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It seems to be a day for good news. The blogosphere in the romance author world is somewhat quiet today, so I came on and breezed through the blogs I usually visit. I need to go back and leave some comments, but I wanted to come on here first and post. To read some good news other writer's are having, go here to congratulate Briana on her acceptance by Phaze, go here to read about Chrys' latest review, and here to read about the recognition Lori Beth has received for No purple prose. Three cheers for them all.

I have my own good news to share today. Last night, it was brought to my attention by my friend and fellow Blogcritic Joe that I had been chosen as Blogcritics "Blogcritic of the day" for July 30th. Simply put I was chosen as the site's writer of the day. I joined Blogcritics back in March, shortly after creating this blog, and I enjoy writing for the site.It is helping me beef up my reporting and journalistic skills a little. I love reading the articles on there, and I love sharing my own thoughts with others. The site has over 1,000 writers and can get close to or over 50,000 hits a day, so being chosen as their blogcritic of the day excited me greatly. If it is still the 30th when you see this, you can click on over to the site and see the link to my blog on their left sidebar.

My latest article went live on my site early this morning, and it is an article about blogging. I speak about different blogging and journaling sites and my experiences on them since I began journaling online back in 2001. Four years ago this month actually. My latest experience has been on the site Greatest journal, and after seeing much of the behavior on that site over the last two years, I finally put a close to my journal on that site last night. I had mentioned keeping a personal journal elsewhere, and up to this point it had been there. I had found myself starting to dread going there. The site seems to be surrounded by so much negativity in certain circles. I knew it was past time for me to go. I just get the itch to post even now, but I'm fighting it. I know I made the right decision.

Now I only have my blog. I found myself repeating things in both places time after time, and I finally found myself asking the question "Why keep both?" I thought about making a personal blog, but this in a sense is my personal blog. So I might be posting in here a bit more. I think not having to upkeep the two of them might allow me to find time to work on another things.

Such as my fiction! On that front, I heard back from Silma last night on Crash into me. She hadn't found time to do a formal critique of what I had sent her yet, but she did tell me she loved what she saw. I had sent her the full manuscript of what I had so far some time last week. I guess this means I really need to find my muses for Kaelin and Daniel. Hopefully this weekend one of the two will pop out and have something to say. I wrote bit more in my yet to be named project as well. So things seem to be falling back into place. Slowly but surely.

Have a great day everyone.


Rey said...

Congratulations, Gina! That's great news. Take a screen shot as a souvenier.

Gina said...

Thank you! I did when Joe told me!

Elbie said...

Fantastic new!

Joe said...

Haha, like I said when I saw your name under Blogcritic of the Day, I did a double take and then promptly IMed you with an "OMG!!!11" haha. Congratulations again!

chryscat said...

Congrats on the Blogcritic! That sounds awesome! And thanks for mentioning my review. Very sweet. *grins*
Hope Kaelin and Daniel become quite verbose.

Angelle said...

Congratulations on the Blogcritic. :)

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