101. Harry Potter craziness

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Okay, so it seems the world is going Harry Potter crazy today. I'm sadly not one of the masses that ventured out at midnight to go buy the book. In fact, I haven't read one book in the series. I've seen the movies in part, but the story just didn't grab my interest. I'm not much of a Lord of the Rings fan either, so maybe the genre isn't just for me. Give me some good romance, some good horror, or maybe even a little suspense or science fiction. I'm not much of a fan of magic and elves. I don't mind a good vampire or ghost story. I've even written those. I guess I just didn't get caught up in the craze. My friends are going crazy over the book, and I'm sitting doing the same because I found the new Bon Jovi single somewhere online before it hits radio this Monday.

Anytime someone goes crazy over a book though, I think its great. When people ask me what they should read or suggestions, I get giddy. I love books. I should because I'm a writer, but I've also taught in the past, and I remember all those posters lining the libraries I went to in schools, both ones I worked at and those I attended as a student. You know which posters I'm talking about. Those infamous READ posters. So many these days don't read more than the newspaper, and that is great, but there is so much out there to read. A world full of books. Romance isn't your thing? Then I'm fairly sure there is something else that is. Harry Potter isn't mine, but he seems to get people reading. Young and old seem to enjoy the stories, and I think J.K. Rowling should be proud of what she has accomplished. She has gotten people reading, and from what I can see reading her books is no small chore.

Right now, I'm going back and forth between two books. The street where she lives by Jill Shalvis and Guilty Pleasures by Marie Isabel Pita, which I'm reading to review for Romance Divas. both have grabbed me, and I want to read as much as I can of each, but I can't read all the time. As much as I would love to. I know some that will spend the next few days reading Harry Potter from cover to cover. Are you one of those?


Suzanne said...

I haven't read any of the Potter books though I own all of them because my kids love them. However, they don't have the new one yet. They'll get it when I order it from Amazon. I've read The Street Where She Lives and it's great!

Audrey Shaffer said...

I've read the Potter books. I buy them for my grandson, and I read them first.

I haven't run out to buy the new one though. I'll get it on half.com this winter. Kenny's birthday isn't until next June, so I have time.

I buy a lot of people books for gifts, and I always read them before I hand them over. I just re-read Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy. In a couple weeks, it goes to my son for his birthday.

Hmmm...strangely enough, my family likes to read the same things I do. Or do they really enjoy the books I buy them? I'll have to check that out.

Jill said...

I'm reading Harry from cover to cover and loving it ...

Oh and I'm so glad you're enjoying The Street Where She Lives!!! Thanks for mentioning me.

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