111. Minds always in motion

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Mood: busy
Music: Dream on - Aerosmith

I think burying myself in work is getting me back into the groove of things. I spent more time working on my sidebar today. Moving blog links around and such. I keep trying to figure out why everything is centering. I figured it is some off center tag somewhere, but I can't find it. I keep looking, and I finally gave up. Staring at HTML is one of my least favorite things in the world to do. I actually was in the mood to get creative and work on one of my stories. I told myself I would set down to do just that when things quieted down around the house some. Well, my plans were foiled by real life.

Around eight last night, their was a loud boom, and our power went out for a few minutes. The power came back, and we thought all was well. Then brother realized it was getting warmer in our apartment. Apparently, the loud boom we heard was the air conditioning unit for our entire building blowing a circuit. The power company had to come out at 10pm, and they were working on it til 4am. The air conditioner came back online around 530am this morning. However, with it off, it felt hotter inside that it did inside, or as hot anyway. It was 95 in the house, and 93 outside. Definitely not the best conditions to write in. Definitely not conditions to get anything done at all in.

Last night I received my first book to read for ERRW, Bodies Beautiful by Emy Naso and JJ Giles available through Chippewa Publishing. I began reading last night, and I am about twelves pages in. Good story so far. A few confusing areas, but I'm hoping the confusion is cleared up as the story moves forward.

The past couple of days two things have given me some thought. One being this post by Brenda Coulter, and the second being a comment made by a friend. Brenda talks about the characters and stories living within our heads. As a writer, our minds seem to be consistently in motion. We're always thinking, and as a writer our thoughts are not just our own thoughts, but those belonging to our muses. As we create characters for our stories, new muses are created, and they share their thoughts, feelings, and words with us so we can put their stories down in paper. Non-writers never seem to understand this, and they may even call us crazy. The way a creative mind works is hard for others to understand. We're not like everyone else in the world. The writing life is mostly a solitary one, and I've learned that more and more as time has progressed in this my chosen profession. My mind is always working. Even sitting here typing, my mind is in motion. My mind bounces from place to place. From story to article to an email to a post I want to write in my personal journal. I'm always thinking of what I want to write next. Sometimes even while writing something, my mind is working on something else in the background.

Today, my friend made reference to a Woody Allen quote. "What if nothing exists and we're all in somebody's dream?" This could also relate to writing. What if we, the life we live is a story written by someone else. We're all characters in someone's novel, and each day is created by someone else other than ourselves. We're the thoughts in someone's mind. I know it probably seems far fetched, but it was something I thought about for a bit as I was working on my blog today. Our minds are constantly in motion. What if we are creations of someone's mind? Something to think about maybe.

Have a happy Tuesday everyone!


SuzanH said...
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SuzanH said...

I'll try again.

I've always found it amazing that people's minds don't work like mine. That someone can create music, because I can't, or that someone can't create a world, because I can.

Alan Morgan said...

What if we, the life we live is a story written by someone else. We're all characters in someone's novel, and each day is created by someone else other than ourselves.

The thought has occurred to me before... usually involving me cursing the author. :)

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