104. Some blogging thoughts

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I almost wish it was the fall already. Last night we hd our first summer storm. Some heavy wind, lightning, thunder, and just a little bit of rain. The storms here the bark is definitely worst than the bite. The weather and the heat definitely wrecks havoc with my body. Headaches are a daily occurrence, and that is even with the limited amount of time I spend outdoors. I alsdo have had a few random nose bleeds since the weather heated up a few months ago.

Today I received a few interesting emails. One from my CP Silma with some of her thoughts on Crash into me. Some good helpful thoughts there, and I plan to go over them again later. I like having another person's perspective on my work, and now I have two CP's that hopefully look to be working out. I have to email Phoenix later to check in. I'm picking up on the fiction slowly. Dad's hospital visit has my mind a bit frazzled, but he's doing okay. He went on Sunday as I believe I mentioned, and they have run every test known to human on him. He told me earlier before I came online for the day that it looks like they are done poking him.

The other email was off a posting I had on RWClist's writing partner list. I'd heard from someone yesterday, and I had replied. I had almost forgotten I had the posting on the list because in the months it had been up, I hadn't heard much, if anything, from it. The email in response to mine today got me thinking. The writer mentioned their reasons for not blogging, considering it writing for free. This just got me thinking as I was replying to them.

I guess to me I don't see my blogging as writing. Yes, it is writing, but it is writing I would normally do anyway. I've always kept a journal. The things I discuss in here won't normally be written for sale. I talk about my writing, my thoughts, feelings, or anything that comes to mind. I see blogging as a way to get in contact with other writers, and so many authors keep blogs now. More and more everyday. I see the names I see on bookshelves attached to blogs now.

I know writing for free is one of the subjects that has people on both sides of the fence. Some see it as giving your work away. Others see it as sharing their work, a starting point to future sales. I just never consider my blog as writing for free. Am I alone in this? I know so many that do blog, and so many that don't. Each has their own reasons for doing or not doing so. I just know I'd rather blog than not. I just see this as an extension of my personal journaling. This blog focuses more on my writing. While the other focuses on the sometimes silliness or my personal thoughts as I feel them. Content might repeat, but sometimes not. I just love my blog and writing in it. Its become a real tool for me and my writing.


Joe said...

There are plenty of people that are established writers getting paid to do what they do that keep a blog for free. Blogging is an expression of yourself, whether you're a professional writer or not, and it's something most people find to be fun...not work that they should get paid for. Meh...people.

E L Frederick said...

Blogging is writing, it may be free, but it's a good way to get a readership, or at least get your name out there.

It might be casting your bread upon the waters in hope of it coming back to you (in some form other than soggy and fish eaten).

I've gone out of my way to look for books from published authors I've read blogs from.

It's not like your giving away your stories for free, your blogging about the process of writing, which is totally different.

Stephanie said...

I think your blogging is real writing. I am trying to start my own blog or online journal. I am not very good at it though. Got any tips for beginning bloggers?

Gina said...

That is exactly how I see it E.L.. Building a readership. and getting your name out there. I've actually found a lot of blogs of romance authors I read, and have even received copies of their books in my mail through contests and giveaways. My blogging is separate from my stories, and some articles I wouldn't think of posting for free. It all depends on the content, and if it is saleable.

Stephanie, for a beginning blogger, you need to write and write often. People like content, and good content. Look at joining some blog listings to promote your blog. Some are listed in my sidebar. Find other blogs with similar content and read and comment when you have something to say in response. Best of luck.

Angelle said...

I see blogging as something I do...like talking or something. It's not really "free" writing or whatever. And I love keeping in touch with my writing buddies, etc.

Stephanie said...

Thanks Gina. That is great advice. I will definately look into that. You are welcome to read my site anytime too. I will keep with the site and keep trying to write as much as possible. Thanks again.

Gina Ritter said...

I suppose blogging IS truly marketing of yourself - so that's a good thing and one of the reasons people write for free (especially online when you get a link to your site).

But really, to NOT blog because it's "writing for free" is just being stingy and silly. REALLY, I would have to say to them, what makes you SO good that you are above blogging? P'shaw..

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