98. The heat of summer

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I've had a headache on and off since this weekend. I'm not sure if its stress related or heat related. The temps have skyrocketed here in recent days. It hit 114 yesterday, and it is currently 112 according to the weather program I have setting in my system taskbar. The other night I was talking to an online friend of mine in Denver, and she was telling me how hot it was there at midnight, so I asked her how hot? She came back with 98. I looked at my taskbar, and temp here read 98. At 11pm my local time. I should be used it. The summer months are always hot here. Also with the summer months, it means we have summer storms. We get monsoons which means of quick heavy rainfall, high winds, sometimes hail, and thunder and lightning. When I mention to some that don't live in Arizona about storms, they laugh at me. Technically we do live in the desert, so when storms hit, they hit us hard. Heavy rainfall causes flooding quickly. This causes problems for drivers who aren't experienced with driving in rainy conditions. It is rumored the monsoon season here is set to start this week, so I'm hoping it doesn't hit my area too bad. Power has been known to go out.

I'm really not sure if it is the heat that is causing my headaches. Things have been personally stressful for me in recent weeks. Problems with my family that I'm hoping resolve themselves soon. I don't want to go into details now. Too personally drained with all that is happening, and I know that is why I've let my fiction slide in recent weeks. Easier to write nonfiction for me. Speaking of my nonfiction, my review of Sunday night's episode is now up here. Only three weeks left before the show comes to its an end. As a fan of the show, and now having written on it, it is really starting to hit me that it is almost over. It makes me sad. Another good show gone.

When I came online, I also found a small news story that hadn't broke yet on Gaywired, so I immediately wrote it up and submitted it there, so I'll see if that is picked up. Tonight, I'm hoping this headache goes away so I can get in some writing. We shall have to see.


Jill said...

I am having trouble with the heat (was it only a few months ago I was complaining about snow?) and it's only been a few days. So hugs on that, and all the stressful stuff.

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