113. Finding the muse

Thursday, July 28, 2005

music:maroon 5

Last night, I watched Closer for the first time. I'd heard a lot about the movie from friends around me, and I had been wanting to check it out for months. Every time I looked for it out on DVD for rent, it was always out. A good sign. Well, I finally found a copy last night, and I sat down immediately to watch it. The movie is just amazing. The plot, the acting, the characters. All of it. Just makes a good package for a good two hour movie getaway. For those that haven't seen it, the movie follows two couples. There is some cheating involved, and there are some truly heartbreaking moments. I don't want to give the plot totally away here in case anyone hasn't seen it.

While sitting there after the movie was over, thinking about it, a weird thought came to me. The movie is open and frank with its sexual discussion, but there isn't one sex scene in the whole movie. It is all just talked about, and that was probably as hot or hotter than having the actual scenes to watch. It made me think of some stories that only mention or refer to the sex instead of going out all with a love scene descriptively. Sex doesn't have to be all out there for a story to be hot and enjoyable. Closer is one example of that. I really enjoyed the movie, and it is the first film in a good deal of time that has totally blown my head right off.

Last night, I also caught the second show of "So you think you can dance." A little less painful than last week. At least the fifty are picked, and they are now moving on to knocking them down to 8, so we can get to the real competition part of the show. Honestly, if the show is going to remain this slow, I don't know how I'll be able to watch. I'll probably give it a couple of more weeks, and see if it gets any better, I have no earthly idea why they needed 90 minutes last night. They could have showed the Los Angeles auditions in an hour.

The good news is I think I found my muse or a muse in any case. I started something new last night. I have a list of things I want to write submissions for, so I went down the list and started on one. I'll probably give Crash into me a good look once I'm back in the swing of things fiction wise. I did write two pages last night, so I'm pleased.

Have a great day everyone.


Jay Dub said...

I coulden't agree more with you on the fact that film and movies usualy are more scary if left to the imaganeation.

Eva Gale said...

Good luck with the new idea!

And you're right, sometimes the idea of something is more powerful than the actual.

chryscat said...

Glad to hear about the Muse recon! And you're right about the imagination. It's a powerful tool.

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