152. Saturday ramblings

Saturday, September 03, 2005

First off, I'd like to start off with another small announcement. I just heard back on a submission that I had sent out about 5 weeks ago now, and I have good news to report. My essay, A slasher's journey, will appear in the September issue of Forbidden Fruit Magazine. I'm not talking about how to slash someone to bits either! I will definitely let you know when it is up.

Right now I'm pondering a submission to a submission call I just learned about over at Paperback Writer. It is for a good cause, and I definitely have a piece in mind that will fit one of the categories. I just need to gather my thoughts, and then write it. Still need to write my two book reviews this weekend as well, so I'll be busy.

My mind has been so jumbled with all the news coverage that is happening. I have turned the TV off more, but it seems to be everywhere. News stories are all over the internet, and personal stories are also out there. Charlotte Dillon has reported in, and she is safe with her family in Arkansas. I know I've been concerned, as have others. Her home did receive some flooding, but exact damage right now doesn't appear to be known.

I've heard of so many helping in this time of need. Many celebrities are chipping in and helping when they can. I just heard John Grisham is donating five million to Katrina Relief. I applaud him and many others that have helped in any way they can. If you can afford to help those in time of need I still urge to do so.

Tonight is Saturday premiere night, and on HBO we have a Shark Tale. I plan to watch that. A Hilary Duff movie is on the other network we have, but I am not much of a fan of her acting. I've heard some good things about Shark Tale, so it should hopefully be a fun watch. I'm hoping sometime this weekend to get back to work fiction wise. So much happening in the world and my nonfiction pursuits are definitely taking up my time.

Have a great Saturday everyone!


Ellen Fisher said...

I love Shark Tale. DH thinks it's stupid. I admit I love Will Smith, so I'm probably biased:-).

Gina said...

I love Will Smith too! The East coast feed of HBO plays it here in ten minutes, so I'll probably give it a look then.

chryscat said...

Isn't it hard to concentrate when we're inundated with this horrible tragedy? I find myself glued to the tv, hoping for the good news that will offset so much of the awful. I'm still waiting.

Michelle said...

Shark Tale is a great movie. I also loved Finding Nemo. :)

Gina said...

Sigh i didn't enjoy the movie much. I have no idea why. I couldn't get into it.

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