172. A start - great news

Friday, September 23, 2005

While Rita is coming at the gulf coast, my eyes are still watching the coverage. My prayers and thoughts are with those I know in the area. However, I'm personally in a good mood today. My blog over at Media Village is now up! My forums went up last week, but I was waiting for the blog to go up. That happened this morning, and my first entry went live today. So I introduce you to Thoughts from the couch. This will be my sound off place to analyze what is on your television. This will be separate from my review blog - One Couch Critic in which I write detailed recaps and brief reviews. On my Media Village blog, I will talk about news and television shows with more of an analytical eye. What works and what doesn't?

I'm very excited about this, and we all know this has been in the works for most of the month, and now it is happening. I never expected when I started my review blog just three short weeks ago that this would happen. It has, and I think my review blog might have been one of the smartest moves I've ever made in regards to my writing. Within a week of its creation, I was offered this wonderful opportunity. I also owe a debt of gratitude to Blogcritics. I've been writing for that site since March, and I think writing television recaps and reviews for that site as well as my reviews over the summer of Queer as Folk for Gay wired have helped me improve my writing in this area, and now I'm ready to move onto the next step.

I was so very unpatiently for my blog to go up and now that is has I'm bouncing in my seat. Now that the season is mostly underway, I have a better handle on my schedule. I know what nights I watch what, what I recap and the next day I hope to have analysis of the night before up on Media Village. I know Tuesday - Thursday is busy, and I know Friday and Saturday things will be calmer. Sunday and Monday I have one show each that I recap, so those nights aren't as bad.

Since my schedule is also getting more settled, I'm getting back to working on my WIP's. I wrote another two and a half page's last night. Good progress for me. Especially with the week I've had so far. Things have been busy, but not as busy as they were last week. My ghost made his first appearance last night. A brief scene from his point of view as Drew was leaving the house. Aaron is going to a fun character to write, but my main focus will still be on Drew.

Tonight, I'll be watching the second episode of Threshold, and the premiere of Ghost Whisperer. Last night, I recapped ER's premiere and the third episode of The OC's season three. I'm off to bloghop now.

Have a great day everyone.


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