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Thursday, September 29, 2005

This entry might be a bit short since time has just seemed to gotten away from me. Right after I posted my blog yesterday, I went to set my VCR to record my Wednesday night shows. Well, my VCR died a quick death, and I had to borrow one from my neighbor next door just for the night. I also record my shows in case I miss something or something happens here when the show is airing. I want to write the best reviews I can.

Well, today we went to pick up a new VCR, and I get up to the register to only find out I left my wallet at home. I had checked my purse for it and it was in there, but when I moved from keys out from one pocket to the other, I somehow pulled my wallet out and left it on my desk. I had to go back home, grab ,y wallet and go back to pay for the VCR and a few other items I picked up. i hardly ever do things like that, so I was worried it had been stolen. Good thing I found it.

After I returned home and I was finishing the VCR set-up, one of my friends that had been a bit MIA the past week called me. Turned out his Internet connection had been down all this week. He'll be back tomorrow it looks like. I was glad to hear from him, and we also tried calling the number we hadfor my friend in Louisiana, but we got the voice mail.

Last night, Lost was so very good. I absolutely love that show so much. There is so many little twists and turns. I have my recap, review, and some theories I have for last night's episode over on my review blog here. I also recapped last night's So You Think You Can Dance as well. Now I watched Invasion last night, and I'm not sure I'm catching onto the show. It just isn't grabbing me very much. That makes me sad cause out of all the new shows that was the show I had the most hope for. Just been a really busy day, and I have a busy night with three shows to watch and reviews to write, so I'm off. Just wanted to check in.


Michelle said...

Lost is a great tool for teaching storytelling. They do a phenomenal job of weaving backstory and current conflict in!

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