173. The quiet

Saturday, September 24, 2005

I love when its peaceful and quiet. I get more done. I focus better. I write more. Has it ever been too quiet though? Not the lack of noise so much as the lack of other people around. Online I have a few people I talk to on a regular basis. One evacuated because of Hurricane Rita, and another just hasn't been around the last few days. It is just made things a bit on the quiet side, which I don't mind because I do get things done more, but it is just too quiet.

I was on a natural high yesterday, and the people I wanted to share this the most with just weren't around. I understand why, and I know we'll catch up when they return. I've been busy working on different things. I'm moving ahead with work on my WIP. I still don't have a title for it, but work is moving right along with it slowly but surely. I miss working on Crash into me. I need to get back to that as well. That story was moving right along to, and then I started the paranormal, and things just pushed to the side with Crash.

If I remember correctly, I was right at the sex scene, and I really wasn't feeling all that sexy enough to write two people having sex at the time. Once I was, I had began working on my paranormal. I seem to work on many projects at once, but then pick one to follow through on until I'm drained on it. Then I pick up another project. The trick I need to learn is going back to the WIP's I leave for a bit. I have two in that state. Crash into me which I started in June, and Lonely Street which I started back in December. Both are a good amount in. I just need to find a way to return to them and complete writing them.

The past month things have been crazy with all the stuff with Media Village and my review blog. I am really glad that things seem to be calming down for me. For a bit there, I was getting really stressed. August was stressful too. Both personally and professionally. A lot happened last month, and a lot of the personal affected how I worked professionally. This month I don't have as much hectic personal wise, so I am able to focus on things more. My mood has definitely improved as well. Which is a good thing.

Right now, I'm just really worried about my best friend. Last I heard from her yesterday before the storm hit, she had evacuated to Lafayette, Louisiana, which was also in prime hit zone. She had nowhere else to go. She hitched a spot with her friend. She signed online just to tell us yesterday where she was on her journal. I'm worried. The news last night showed how hard Lake Charles got hit last night, and that is the big city near her town. I really hope her home doesn't suffer much in the way of damage. Please keep my friend Steph in your thoughts and prayers.

I hope you're all well. Be safe and have a wonderful day everyone.


kacey said...

these hurricanes are really something, aren't they? So many people evacuating, the traffic, the panic, the losses.

Kelly Parra said...

I can't focus on more than one project. I wish I could.

I'll keep your friend in my thoughts, and hope she contacts you soon.

Gina said...

They are, Kacey. I keep watching the coverage.

Thank you, Kelly.

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