171. Watching and waiting

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Even though I'm nowhere near the gulf coasts, I know of a lot of people that are and my attention is drawn to them now. Two of my long time dear online friends live in the area affected. As far as I know both of them have left their homes now for higher ground. One lives on the Louisiana/Texas border and the other lives in Corpus Christi. I know of another in the Baton Rouge area. Please put them and everyone else in the affected area in your thoughts and prayers. Rita looks even bigger than the one of a few weeks ago, and that scares me to no ends. I keep watching the news. I keep finding myself distracted and not working as I should be. It took me four tries before I was able to sit down. I spent thirty minutes giving the kitten his first nail trim and fitting him with a collar just because.

Early this morning, I was forced to bed early when my Internet connection died. I couldn't get my dial-up to reconnect no matter how I tried. I was talking to my friend in Louisiana at the time, and now it looks like she is gone. This makes me sad, but I'll be talking to her again once things settle down. I even called AOL, and they said they saw no problems in the area. Which was crap because this morning I was able to sign on first thing with only one minor hiccup. I've also noticed since the last restore my computer starts up a bit slower, so I'm going to check into that as well. Computer runs fine, so it might just be nothing to worry about.

With dealing with AOL and all my worrying, I didn't get any work done on my WIP last night. I planned to, but it just wasn't going to happen. Tuesday and Wednesday seem to be my big TV nights. I have three shows each night. Last night I watched and reviewed So You Think You Can Dance, Lost, and Invasion. So You Think You Can Dance has its finale next week, so those will be done. That will leave me with Lost on Wednesdays! I'm not sure about Invasion yet. I'll watch again next week, but I didn't really enjoy the premiere all that much. I could tell by the buzz on the fan boards I was in the minority here, so I'm not sure what it is. I'd been waiting for this show all summer, and I think it just fell short of my expectations. Did anyone else catch Invasion last night? Click the links above to read my reviews.

Tonight we have The OC and the premiere of ER. I love that show more than life, and I've been an avid fan since the show began airing many years ago. I'm really curious about the new cast additions, and to see how things go without Carter. Should be interesting! Following that I plan to work on my WIP some more because upon further reading, I discovered my story is different than the one I'm reading. Unless there is some twist thrown at us later on. This book doesn't appear to have my reincarnation angle. Score!

Hope you're all well. Stay safe and have a wonderful day everyone.


Kelly Parra said...

Last night I watched Survivor and CSI. Both pretty good. =)

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