175. Those lovely little R's

Monday, September 26, 2005

Well, I heard back from the e-zine I submitted For Hire too this morning. You've got to love quick turn arounds! And they handed me a rejection. Also offered me some suggestions on how to improve the story. They felt it was incomplete. I mentioned the best friend in the beginning but not at the end. So they suggested a scene with the best friend at the end to wrap up the story. I scratched my head for a bit. The best friend really wasn't the focus of the story. He was just the catalyst to get Caleb to call the escort service for the night of passion.

Then an idea came to me. What if Caleb and the best friend ended up together following Caleb's one night with the hooker? It's a bit of a twist, and I think I know how to work it. The additions and the changes will probably end up taking it out of the word count for the e-zine I submitted it to. Which means finding a new market for it. A higher word count and the added romance twist would probably make it more marketable. Might mean another sex scene between the best friend and Caleb. The rejection did mention I wrote a great sex scene.

So I started to work on the additions a bit, and I'm going to work on them this week some more. I want to work on them a bit now, so I'm going to cut this a bit short. I also have an entry to write for over at my MV blog. Then tonight is Surface. Great show. Busy Mondays!

Good news is my best friend checked in from Louisiana. She can't return home yet, but the good news she has a home to come back to. Her family stayed behind, and they are there cleaning up things. Her back door is gone, but her mom and dog made it through. That's the good news. I was worried.

Have a wonderful day everyone.


Kelly Parra said...

Shucks on the R, Gina. I'm glad you got some feedback. Good luck with your next revisions.

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