170. The music I love

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Once again the eyes of the country have fallen to the gulf coast region. Rita is on her way, and it looks like she might hit the gulf coast as hard as Katrina did. Scary stuff. My best friend is in eastern Louisiana, which just was missed during the last storm. I've once again been glued to my television set as news comes in. I've only turned it to another station now because my favorite band is on Oprah today, Bon Jovi. I am a Bon Jovi fanatic. I've mentioned them here before. Their new CD was released this week, and I'm in love all over again with them and their music. A new release means they are all over my television this week, and if they are on, I pretty much drop whatever I may be doing at the time, and I watch.

I've been a fan of Bon Jovi since I was just a kid, probably nine or ten. Some might even call a bit obsessed, but their music just speaks to me. I have written a review of their latest release, but it isn't posted on my blog yet. I'm saving it for the weekend while I shop it around a site or two for purchase. Their music just speaks to me. The messages behind the lyrics are what keeps me coming. Jon writes all his own lyrics along with Richie and another song writing partner. That is the way its always been. He doesn't write lyrics to sell. He writes them because they are what he feels and believes, and that is what I love about him.

He's real. He's a man just like any other man. He's married to his high school sweetheart, and they have four children. He takes them to school, and he helps people as much as he can. The first one usually to react when something horrible happens in our country. When 9/11 happened, he watched in horror from his backyard just across the bridge from NYC in New Jersey. then he jumped into action. When Katrina happened, he also stood up to help, and he plans to donate the funds that would normally be used to film a music video for a single off this album to Habitat for Humanity in Philiadephia. on today's Oprah, he gave a group of children, a full school wardrobe, a backpack full of school supplies, and laptops from CompUSA. He then handed Oprah a check for one million dollars, so that she could continue her efforts helping with the Hurricane recovery on the gulf coast.

Do you have a band, musician, or actor that you love? Why do you love them? Is it for their skills in their chosen profession or does it go beyond that? Do you love them for the person they are behind their celebrity status? For me, it goes way beyond the music with Bon Jovi. i love him for the man he is, and I love the rest of the group too, but Jon is most in the public eye.

In other news, Tuesday night is a popular television night for me. Last night, I reviewed episodes of Real World Austin, Bones, and Supernatural. Tonight, we have the premieres of Lost and Invasion, and So you think you can dance. Reviews will be up on my review blog of those shows at some time tonight. I also pushed forward with my WIP last night, but more on that tomorrow. I definitely got off track with this entry today. Didn't plan this to be today's focus!

I hope you're all well. have a wonderful day, and those on the gulf coast please stay safe. My thoughts are with you.


Kelly Parra said...

I know, another scary hurricane so soon after Katrina.

And I've always loved Bon Jovi. =)

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