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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Yesterday, I mentioned about our car and how it was a case of them saying one thing and then doing another. The person we'd made the agreement had filed the paperwork for us, and the agreement was in place. However, her supervisor blocked it going through without telling her. With the agreement, they should not have taken the car the way they did. The woman we were working with even said this. She went to work on trying to get our car back to us. Giving us a list of information to be faxed in. We hang up, and start to gather the requested information. Well, not even five minutes later they call back! Well, she does. She had gone to talk to her supervisor about the apparent lack of communication, and he said sure we can have the car back now if we pay off the rest of loan left on it right now. A figure in the thousands. Well, that won't be happening. Good to know the woman we had originally spoke to a couple of weeks ago had followed through on what she said she would. Still doesn't help us here, but at least not everyone at the bank is evil.

In world news, I keep following the events surrounding the hurricanes. Seems the former FEMA director has had some words to say about why he was let go. He blames it all on a blog. Yes, a blog just like the one I'm writing in here. Apparently a blog on one site, Horsesass.org made some statements that weren't all too favorable about the man, and those statements were picked up by the media, and spread like wildfire, so more time was spent fielding calls about the untrue statements rather than actually working on the disaster efforts. Nice way to pass the buck.

It seems with more and more blogs comes the way blogs and bloggers seem to be creating the news. They don't make things up, but they are usually the first ones out there when news breaks. They then return home to their computers, and report what happened. I think this trend will only intend to grow. I think we all know what a big mess we had when Katrina hit. We faired better with Rita, but things still happened. People lost homes and lives in the areas affected. So much devastation, and with the hurricane season not quite over it could happen all over again. It seems a lot of people are pointing fingers of blame this way and that way. Our focus shouldn't be on who did what wrong. It should be on helping those affected here. such tragedy just breaks my heart, and I know my family has lost a car just this week, but I still have a home over my head, food to eat, my health and the health of those in my family around me. I'm very fortunate, and I know the problems my family is having will clear up in a few weeks time. Some will take months and years to rebuild what they lost.

In TV news, I have updated the links to my weekly recaps on my sidebar. You'll find links to recaps of Bones, Surface, Supernatural, Real World: Austin and Grey's Anatomy or you can just hop on over to the main site here. Tonight we have So You Think You Can Dance, Lost's episode titled "Adrift" and the second episode of Invasion which I will be taking a look at it. Also over on my Thoughts from the couch, I pick my three favorites of the new shows this season so far. Hop on over there to check that out.

In odd television news, it appears the wedding that supposedly took place over the weekend between Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher might have a been a stunt for his show Punk'd. Weird indeed. Reps have denied the rumor, but they haven't come out and confirmed the marriage either. Strange. Read more by clicking the link above.

I'm off! Have a wonderful day everyone.


chryscat said...

Good grief! Sorry to hear about the car. And in my opinion, about 95% of the banking community sucks. There's a lady at one of our branches I adore. The others? Not so much.
Hope it gets better!
LOVED Grey's Anatomy!

Kelly Parra said...

Weird about Kutcher...wouldn't that be crazy!

heropoo said...

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