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Monday, September 05, 2005

I usually don't make many rants in my blog. I usually don't get heated enough to say much of anything. Some have told me even my rants aren't all that ranty because I somehow figure out how to rant while trying not to offend anybody. As I came online and started surfing around my normally read blogs, I'm not the only ranting on the subject of Hurricane Katrina - Cece, Monica and Kate all have posts as well.

As we all know, I'm a known insomniac, and since there isn't much on at 2am in the morning, I put on the early early morning news shows coming from the east coast last night. On CNN, it was daybreak, and the question was being asked if those that suffered from Hurricane Katrina should receive the same benefit package as those that suffered through 9/11. The tragedies are very different, but the same. With both we've had a tremendous loss of life, and one entire city is gone now. Some of the emails sent in said no they don't deserve the same benefits because the mayor and its residents chose to live in the city of New Orleans knowing that they were under sea level and that if a storm hit them this would happen. They chose to not evacuate when they could have.

New Orleans is a city that is over 300 years old. It has a rich history, and people have always lived there. I don't think by choosing to live in the city means they don't deserve our help now. That is almost saying that those that choose to live in California that is quite earthquake prone, and one earthquake can come with no warning and wipe out Southern California, shouldn't be helped. They talk about "the big one" coming someday, and when it does the loss of life there will probably surpass what has happened here. As a former resident of Southern California, I'm quite used to talk on the subject.

This is a natural disaster, and with any natural disaster comes devastation and loss of life. People saying they shouldn't receive assistance because they chose to not evacuate sort of made me think in the case of a rape victim asking for it because she wore a skirt that was just a bit too high. Some couldn't evacuate. They were poor or unable physically to do so. If they could have, they would have. Those that could leave, did leave.

On FOX this morning, they had two brother's and their dog that didn't evacuate. The two were obviously ill, one having asthma problems and the other with massive swelling of the legs. Their dog was with them, and they told a story of how some had suggested shooting their dog so they could be taken from the city. That idea just saddens and angers me. Here we have two men, not in good health, but wanting to stay because they are unable to leave and not wanting to lose their dog in the process. They have since been evacuated, but so much has happened. I'm sure there are more stories than just this one.

In this time of need, we need to come together to help others. It shouldn't be a matter of they shouldn't have stayed or lived there in the first place. The fact is they did live there, and now many are homeless. Many have lost their lives. I've heard of many states stepping up to help. Texas being the first to house refugees from this storm. My own state of Arizona has also now stepped up. They are taking in those affected by the storm in both Phoenix and Tuscon. Some of those coming here will probably relocate to this state. Instead of pointing the fingers of blame at this person or that one, we need to help those that need it right now. They need help now. Not days from now, weeks from now or months from now. They need assistance now, and they will continue to need that same assistance for the foreseeable future.

My prayers are still with those affected, and I hope everyone is safe.


Crystal said...

I agree completely. I keep hearing so many people arguing, "They were warned; they should have left when they were told to." Well, maybe they should have, but each person has their own set of reasons for why they did or did not leave. The point is, not everyone was able to evacuate, and now here we are with the aftermath of a natural disaster. It's our job to fix this. We shouldn't be standing back and scolding them. Where is that going to get us? Pointing fingers and talking about what should have been done is pointless. Right now what people need more than anything is just help.

By the way, maybe I'm biased since I agree with everything you said, but you really do have a way of ranting without being offensive.

Gina said...

Thank you. I just found myself so angry this morning watching the coverage, and I actually had to shut the television off and go to bed at 3am. Which for me is unheard of!

I try not to be offensive. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. These are just mine.

kacey said...

I'm just sadden to see they didn't have a mass evacuation plan in place to get more people out of there. They were showing huge lots of school busses underwater...what a waste. They could have been used to evacuate people before the storm hit, who wanted to leave, but had no way to get out.

Anyway, a lot of the coverage is driving me nuts. Though the news coverage of the convention center seemed to finally focus some rescue efforts to the people stranded over there. The whole thing is sad.

They need to focus on improving the levee system now...before the same thing happens again this year or next...

Shari said...

You're absolutely right. I adore the rich history of NO and am heartbroken that people are being so horrible.

Amie Stuart said...

I try not to be offensive too, but I fail miserably. ;-)

Gina said...

This whole situation is just heartbreaking. I see some of what is said in the media about race being an issue, and that just angers me even more. I hope that isn't the case because regardless of economic status or race, the people affected in this area need our help.

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