166. Saturday Ramblings

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Well, I had one of those bang my head against the walls this morning. My computer did the same exact thing it did the other day again, and I thought I would need to do another full restore. I was not happy. After cursing a few things including my computer, viruses, Window XP, I looked into what I could do on my computer. Since it at least opened to the desktop, I was able to run the task manager and run something off CD. I knew all i needed to restore the one corrupted file.

Well, I ran my XP SP2 CD, and it located that the file was corrupted, and reinstalled it within under ten minutes. Computer turned on, and all is well. I think I know what caused the problem too. The other day I had joined a traffic exchange to promote my review blog. I had done everything they asked to set myself up, and nothing had gone through yet. The other night when I was visiting this site, a strange window popped up. The next day my computer had the problems. Last night, the same thing happened, and today I had problems. Suffice to say, I won't be going through that site again. I won't link to it, but in case anyone was wondering, the site was 321hits.com. It might not have been the site, but the window only popped up when I was on there site, so it is possible. figure a heads up wouldn't hurt.

Saving myself from a restore today was good. I would not have been happy at all. Tonight, I plan to watch Shall We Dance on Starz, and I'll probably have a review of that up on my review shortly thereafter. Last night, I caught the premiere for Threshold. I hadn't heard of the show before yesterday, but I really enjoyed it. I have a small review of it on my review blog if anyone is interested in reading the rest of my thoughts on that.

I hope things start to settle down soon. Between my starting to work with media village, and all the computer problems this week, the only writing I've been able to do since Wednesday has been for my review blog. I'm hoping to change that sometime this week. We'll have to see how things go. I'm worried about shutting down my computer and not having it start up again. I think I'm okay now though. Cross fingers!

Have a great day everyone!


chryscat said...

*crossing fingers in solidarity*

Anonymous said...

My computer crashed this week too--couldn't get to the desk top, even. Had to take it to the computer dudes, but thankfully it was only a $65 job and all my files were saved.

I guess a squirrel fried our power for a moment. Sheesh. I have a surge protector!

I've been pretty diligent to back up my writing on cds and on an email account. wheew.

Becca Furrow

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