165. Setting things back to right

Friday, September 16, 2005

I worked long into the night yesterday getting my computer back to normal. Reinstalling programs, transferring my music files off of CD's and back onto my hard drive. I worked until about 3am, and I think I have most of it back. I did find the old bookmarks file I had saved back in January, so I just lost the bookmarks I've saved since. Which wasn't that much. I had links saved for years and the sites still worked, so I was upset that I lost most of them. I was happy to find the file hiding on my secondary hard drive.

Besides working on the computer, I was also busy setting up my forums over at Media Village. My topics are up now! So if you're a fan of Lost, The OC or Grey's Anatomy hop on over to the drama forum to talk about the shows with me. There are still a few things to work out with the forum, but my topics are ready to go, and I'm hoping my blog on that site is up by Monday at some point.

Last night was the second episode of The OC, and I have a full recap and review over at One Couch Critic. For some reason, I also thought ER premiered last night, but that looks to be set for next week. I was disappointed I had to wait another week, but next week seems to be the next big premiere week. Lost, Invasion, ER, and Surface all look to be good. I've also become interested in Vegas. Brother watches every week, and I caught a few episodes last season, including the finale, so I'm probably going to check things out.

With the computer crashing, I didn't get around to writing anything other than my OC review last night. Today was the deadline for the Absolute Write submission call, and I never got around to it with everything going on with Media Village and my fiction WIP's. I couldn't help it though. Thanks for the suggestions on my bringing in the ghost POV into my WIP. I haven't gotten to that scene yet. It is coming up soon, so I'll have to see what ends up working.

Hope you're all well. Have a great night everyone.


Kelly Parra said...

I watched the 2 hour premiere of THRESHOLD Thursday night. Very awesome show. =D

chryscat said...

So sorry to hear about the computer crash. But I know you have impressive knowledge, and I'm glad you've gotten most everything restored.
And I wanted to ask...would you consider submitting to WCP Torrid for a gay/lesbian anthology?

Gina said...

It is, Kelly!

Crystal, I've actually heard of it, and if I can get something completed to send off to it, I did plan to submit for the anthology.

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