162. Tuesday Ramblings

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Yesterday was certainly a very hectic day for me. Today is a bit calmer. I’m setting things into motion, and set up is always more time consuming than maintaining something. Once you have things set, you develop a routine, and that routine will make things run smoothly with hopefully not as much stress. I’m crossing my fingers on that one. Most of my promotion for my forums and the like will go through my review blog. I’ve been promoting that heavily, and I’ll continue to do so. Half of the shows I plan to cover haven’t even started their seasons yet, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens when they do.

Yesterday, I was so exhausted though. I was more mentally tired than physically. I kept going though because I knew I wanted to get some things done before the forums are actually up. Then once they are, I know it’ll take another day of setting them up with the thread topics on each forum.

On the fiction-writing front, I wrote two pages by hand last night. I sat down and just began to write, and the words were flowing well. I was happy, and now all I have to do is take the two pages from last night and the half page from the night before and type them into my WIP. I’m hoping to do that after I finish this blog post.

A lot of what I wrote was internal dialogue of the main character. I’m almost 5,000 words into the story, and the other half of the romance has just made his first appearance. It’s a ghost story, and he’s made his presence known, but last night was the first time Drew saw him. Now I need to add in some details and some actions. I noted this while I was writing last night. I think so much of my writing ends up being internal. I always worry it is too much internal. I’m definitely working on that though.

Tonight is a big TV night with a lot of shows premiering or starting their new seasons. I’ll be watching Bones and Supernatural. Also possibly reviewing, so I’ll let you know which of the shows I recap and review over on my review blog in my post tomorrow. Tonight is also another episode of the Real World, so I’ll be reviewing that as usual. Right now, I’m off.

Have a great day everyone.


Kelly Parra said...

I'm ready & revved for the new show season to start too! You should really consider watching HOUSE. Terrrrrific!

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