330. Yes, another new look

Saturday, July 08, 2006

For those that have stopped by in the last 24 hours, you might have noticed that once again I have a new look. The other layout wasn't all that old, but I'd noticed a few small problems with it in the last week, so yesterday when I was surfing I found a new site with free templates and I one caught my eye almost immediately, so I changed. The switch was actually one of the easiest layout changes I'd made to this site in a long time. There was a few minor bugs, but it was quite painless, and I think it improves the look and feel of the site. I loved the cat especially.

Speaking of cats, Mikey decided he wanted to lay on my desk earlier this morning, so I took the opportunity to snap a new shot of him with my web cam. He's just about six months now, and he's growing everyday. He still has the occasional sniffle, but we think that might be some allergy he picked up or possibly because he is a pound kitty. I'm sure he's glad to be living here with us than where he was when he was a youngster. In the next couple of weeks, my brother and I finally have decided to go and have our older cat fixed. He's had a few problems with doing things around the house that he shouldn't, so we think it is time to do it. He'll hate us, but it'll be over with, and he'll just have to get over with. I'll have to see if I can get him to pose for the web cam some day, or perhaps just develop the shots I already took. I haven't posted a picture of him since he was a kitten, and let me tell you now he is a huge one and a half year old cat.

On another note, I've started using Fire fox more this week. I've had it installed on my system for awhile because I noticed a few sites seem to cooperate better with it, and today I'm using it to do some things I do everyday on IE, and that is surf my traffic exchanges. On IE, I can do nothing else for the hour or so everyday it takes to do it because every time a new page loads my entire browser would jump. Well, I decided to let my cycle go today using fire fox, and it is going while I write this and while I've done a few other things this morning. No browser jumping to retain focus, so I might see myself using Fire fox a lot more in the future, but I don't see me giving up on IE entirely. Some sites just work best for me there. I just won't be afraid to use Firebox as much. Sometimes change is good.


Michelle said...

We had our boy kitten "fixed up" when he was very young. At the soonest possible time. Alas, it wasn't foolproof. Bill is about 8 (human) years old now and when he gets cranky and frustrated with us he will "spray" about the house to register his contempt for us.

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