349. Oh How I Hate Allergies

Saturday, July 22, 2006

My allergies have been acting up since late last night. I just finally gave in and took my allergy meds in the last hour, and it is helping some. When I was younger, I used to have real bad allergies. I would have to take meds every morning, and even I would end up sneezing or coughing like nobody's business. Chalk used to make it worse, and back then chalkboards were still used in schools. Now you see dry erase boards popping up. Well, I would have to sit up front because I had vision problems, and by the time I was in high school teachers used to actually ask me not to sit up front.

Well, today my eyes are itchy, and I keep sneezing. Its horrible. I would almost think I had a cold, but with it hitting up to 120 in parts around here, there is no way I've caught a cold. When I moved out here to Arizona, my allergies eased up a lot, but every spring and summer they seem to randomly pop up. Might be cause of all the dust that gets stirred up with the summer storms. We had a couple of storms yesterday. One in the early evening and a second late last night. That might have kicked things up enough for me to be allergy bugged.

I've been pondering my fiction since last night, and I feel I could get something going. Thing is I have no idea what. My past works in progress aren't really grabbing me any right now. I decided to take a look around and see if there were any current submission calls that interested me. Nothing really jumped out write something for me right now. One sort of raised it hand shyly, and I looked at it. Deadline is August 4th. With the way I write, there is no way for me to write and polish up a five thousand minimum manuscript, especially without some solid idea jumping out at me.

The submission call was for a story with a witch as a main character or about witchcraft in some shape or form. The only idea I vaguely came up with was an idea of a woman researching witchcraft. Yes, that is all I came up with. Isn't it screaming to be written? Yes, sense the sarcasm there folks. I'll keep pondering it. The fan fiction idea is still spinning in my head, but I think if I start with it the story will end up long and detailed, but maybe I need to jump in with something I know. I haven't written anything new since March sometime. Maybe I need to dive in with characters I know? I just know I need to do something.


Crystal said...

yes allergies are hell.

I am allergic to pollen and hay. ARGH!

Hope you're feeling better!

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