345. A first F.O.A.D Thursday

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Around the blogosphere Thursday is the day reserved for a meme called F.O.A.D. The O.A.D stands for Off And Die. You can figure out what the F stands for! Never thought I'd see my doing this, but I just finished watching So You Think You Can Dance. My recap is up on my review site now, and I am in complete and total shock that Dimitry was eliminated! What was America thinking? Nigel told Ryan last night he didn't think this competiton was for him, and he stays. Dimitry was a great dancer. Sure, he used his sex appeal a bit, but who doesn't in this competition? I'm sad to see him go.


Dramedy Girl said...

Me too! I couldn't believe that he left before Ryan. I loved watching Dimitry and he has the bod so why not flaunt it? Hopefully Ryan will elave next week.

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