335. In My Own Backyard

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Well, not literally because I happen to live in an apartment building, but in the last week or so some scary things have been happening. Last week, the police found a Meth lab in one of our apartments, and then over the weekend a 38 year old man almost drowned in our building pool. Word is he couldn't swim. How did I find out about these two incidents? By stories in my local paper. It's kind of weird seeing the name of your building splashed across some article. This property has had its share of problems in the almost eleven years I've lived here, but every place has its own share of problems. It just brings you down to earth when you see your building and you know these things are happening so damn close. Bad things can happen anywhere.

EDIT: I think some are taking this entry as me being upset or freaking out. I didn't mean it to sound that way. I'm just taking notice of some things happening around me and commenting on them.


Blog-o-licious said...

Sounds like you are in some creepy scary movie. get out now!

Crystal Breeze said...

It can just be that it is all happening at the same time that is freaking you out. It seems like when bad stuff happens it comes all together like. Your apartment building is ok. I am sure of it. You live there and pick it out for a reason or another. Meth labs are popping up everywhere these days. We live out in the country around cows and a Meth lab was right down the road from us. I thought that was scary. Living out in the country gave me a sense of security for my kids. Now I am not so sure we are any different from the city life.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it reminds me of the Alfred Hitchcock movie Rear Window. If you haven't seen it, check it out. Sounds like a mirror image of your apartment complex.


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