337. Late Night T.V. Viewing

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Ever have one of those nights just doesn't want to quit? Last night, I went to bed around 2am, but I didn't fall asleep until after five. I kept turning on the television instead of just laying there because laying there with your eyes closed and not actually asleep gets boring after about thirty minutes. If you can't sleep, you might as well be up. Well, one of the last times I turned on the television, I put on Fox & Friends, which I used to watch a lot more when I stayed up later than 2am.

They were talking about a professor from Wisconsin that said that 9/11 was an "inside job." This means that somehow the United Stated government was behind the attack, so that we can go to war in the Middle East. As soon as I heard what he was saying, I was stunned. I usually don't talk much about politics on my blog, but this isn't so much about politics, but one man's belief about the world we live in. A belief he believes is reality, and I'd be frightened if in some way it was in fact true. I may not totally agree with the war in the Middle East, but I wholeheartedly support our troops.

Some have died. No, wait, many have died in the fighting overseas, and to think that somehow our own government somehow orchestrated the events that sent our troops over there is scary. Not only that, but so many died in the events of 9/11. American's died that day. Thousands of lives were lost in the tragedy. To think that somewhere out there a man believes our government is responsible for all those deaths, and they even mention names in our government connected to those tragic events - I just can't comprehend it.

The thing of it is this man, a professor is now teaching his beliefs to those in his classes at the University of Wisconsin. He is still teaching, and in fact he was just rehired. The story lasted only a few moments on the news this morning, but it stuck with me all day. I just had to mention it here. I'm still tired. Not sleeping well always makes me tired and cranky. Tonight is the results show for So You Think You Can Dance. My recap of last night's show is on my review site. My prediction? I think Ashlee and Dimitry are being sent home tonight. We'll see if I'm right tonight.


Tempest Knight said...

Oh check out the web and you'll find all kind of conspiracy theories about the whole 9/11 thing. It's enough to make you wonder...or crazy.

Yeah, I know how it is to have one of those nights in which you know you want to sleep but you can't. Just keep tossing and turning. What I do is either take out my PDA and read an ebook, or read a book. Yeah, either way I'm reading. *lol*

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