350. Storms, printers and headaches

Monday, July 24, 2006

Well, late last night we had a storm blow through town here, and it was pretty bad for about ten minutes. The power kept flickiering in and out, and we hadit go out for a few seconds. This caused my computer to go down, and since last night it was acting funny. It did one of those "We can't start windows" messages, but I got it start up in its last known good configuration. My printer was acting the weirdest, and this morning when I came on it only continued to get worse. I tried everything I knew how to do, and it wouldn't let me do much.

Then all of a sudden it reinstalled the printer on its own, and I had a good set of drivers and the bad set. Well, once I got the bad set deleted, everything worked great. It wasn't even letting me print one damn thing. Problem is it took me over two hours to get it working, and now I have a headache. I am so behind on everything today. Good news is everything looks to be working better now. I even fixed some of the old pre-storm problems my printer was having. I also re-installed my mouse because it has been acting weird the last few days too.

My computer is my life line to the world, and I can't have it go down. That would just screw up a lot of things for me. I know it would get fixed because I have it under warranty, but the time needed to get it fixed is something I can't afford. Life Romanticized has left my sidebar, and this means I'll be selecting an all new blog of the week later tonight or tomorrow to take up the spot. Check for my blog over at Blogexplosion if you're there!


Chuck said...

Unfortunately your computer woes may not be behind you. Power surges from thunderstorms can leave behind nagging issues until it finally dies rather unexpectedly. I had a lightning strike last year that eventually killed my computer.

It acted buggy for a week or so, and then everything started to act normally for awhile. Two months later it completely crashed. Moral of the story is to ensure everything is backed up and prepare for the worst. Good luck and hopefully everything decides to continue working.

Battlerocker said...

I know what you mean about your computer being your lifeline to the world. My internet has been on the fritz all summer, and it has been miserable.

Gina said...

Thanks Chuck! Lightning didn't strike, and the computer seemed fine. It was just the printer being weird. It hadn't worked right for weeks though!

Thanks Battlerocker. I use the Internet to work from home, so I sort of really need my computer to function on a daily basis. It's how I get paid.

Hi there ... what a great blog .. so much so I just put in a bid to rent ...

Would love to link with you at the very least if that's ok?

Sounds like you are a little like me .. not just addicted to writing and fun TV ... but also everything that the technology of a PC can bring!

Gina said...

Sure Pam! I accepted another bid which I am about to post about, but I added you to my blogroll, and please bid again next time. I had so many good blogs to choose from!

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