356. A Short Post Today

Friday, July 28, 2006

I spent a good portion of my afternoon at the movie theater watching Miami Vice. My short review - good movie, but not a great movie. I'll have a full review up on my review site at some point this weekend. Once I arrived home, I had to play a bit of catch-up, and now I'm waiting on dinner to be ready. It's been cloudy here all day, and there have been some wicked storms up north of here that haven't made it down here yet. Here's hoping it stays that way.

The storm I wrote about in my blog here the other night is said to have been the worst summer storm to hit our area in five years. People in the surrounding area were powerless until some time the next day. Things are back to normal now, but it hasn't hit above a hundred since that night. I know the lower temps won't last for long, so I am enjoying them while I can.

Tomorrow morning starts the blogathon, and Laci, my Blog of the Week, is taking part. So make sure you stop by and support her in her quest to stay up twenty-four hours and blog every half hour. She reached her goal of $500 it appears, but now she needs some cheerleaders to help her stay up.

Don't only support her though. If you see a blog participating in the blogathon tomorrow, stop and let them know you care too. Just one simple comment can help make it a bit easier to make it through the twenty-four hours. I'm not taking part this year myself, but I'm supporting those that are. So make sure to stop by and say hi to Laci tonight or tomorrow during Blogathon '06!


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