348. Scam of Love?

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Earlier this week I read about actress Diane Lane having her long hair cut and donating it to charity. It might been aired on one of the morning news shows, but I didn't watch it. She donated her hair to a non-profit organization called Locks of Love. We've all probably heard of them. If you have long hair and go in for a trim, the person cutting your hair will mention donating your hair to this charity. They will take your hair to make a wig for a child or someone else suffering from cancer. I've even donated my own hair to the organization the three times I went to drastic and cut off my own long hair.

Well, today I read an update on the story. Someone heard about Diane and went to look for more information on the organization, and as it turns out it isn't as non-profit as it states. They receive about 104,000 ponytails a year, and a very small fraction of those ponytails are used to make wigs for the sick. What happens to the rest of the hair not used? Apparently, it is sold to commercial wig makers. Do you want to know how much this non-profit organization made from selling hair in 2005? Over $350,000. This is according to Bad Hair Day.

This is just disturbing to me. I know they can't use everything they get, but to sell it off? That just seems very wrong to me. I know I'll be thinking twice the next time I go to have my hair cut off and I'm asked to donate my hair. I know I won't bother. Have you checked out my Blog of the Week yet? Today you can find out more about roleplaying, books and Sarah's thoughts on the wrestler Shawn Michaels.


You mean, I have strange women out there running around with my hair??

My hair grows like weed and it is usually very long. I get a chunk of it cut every 2 months and get donated to charity.

That is not a nice idea.

Gina said...

It certainly looks that way. I barely looked into it, but just the bit I read on a few sites was disturbing.

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