352. Sexyback Video

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I know a few days ago I mentioned Justin Timberlake and his new video for Sexyback. Well, it premiered today on MTV with the video appearing both on TRL and a Making the Video as well. If you want to see the video on television, it will air later tonight at 11pm on MTV. For now, here is the video! You think its hot outside. This video is just as hot.


Spluch said...

Its not just hot, its steaming... :)

heavenlee said...

OMG..thankyou so much. I'm in Asutralia and it hasn't quite been released here yet. It's the hottest sound and sight ever ! woooooooot

heavenlee said...

oooh, i've just heard we're getting the album here in september too..

ROLL ON september !!

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