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Monday, July 17, 2006

Just a quick post because I'm in the middle of my Monday morning work session. Monday's are a bit on the crazy side. I guess because I try to take as much as the weekend off as possible, and Monday throws water on all of that. It's a new week. Back to work! I just checked my email though, and I saw this for my horoscope today from Keen. I also get it emailed from Tarot.com. I love horoscopes. Anyway, this is mine for today.

Regina, Quit That Clique

Regina, the light of reality contrasts with the petty bickering you have been forced to endure. There are people you are involved with that you have very little respect for. Stand your ground and prepare to move on.
Isn't it weird when your horoscope kind of mirrors your own thoughts? I've made some changes again. That's all I'll say because you never really know who is reading your blog!

While I'm here I have an all new Blog of the Week! I had so many to choose from this morning, and I think I wanted to select all of them, but I had to pick one. Everyone that placed a bid please try again. The Chocoblog was so making me hungry. So please try again! This week's pick is Life Romanticized. This is a blog of Sarah from Cleveland. She's a single mother who loves television and she has also roleplayed in the past. There is a roleplay post she just posted to her blog just today. Plus, anyone that seems to love Queer as Folk as much as I do is a-okay in my book. So why don't you go check her blog out and tell her I sent you!


Kristen Painter said...

I think the Chocoblog is one of my new favorites, so thank you, thank you very much for giving me a new way to waste time. Sheesh. I need to stop bloghopping and get back to writing!

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