354. Lance Bass Comes Out

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

As I mentioned the other day when I talked about Justin Timberlake, I was and am a huge *Nsync fan. The group is no longer together, but I still support them in what they do as individuals, and as with most *Nsync hope for some type of reunion. Although that is getting less likely as time passes on. Since I like to keep up on things, I'm on a couple of loops for the group to follow news and such.

Well, this morning my inbox was flooded, and all the loops were buzzing with the news that Lance Bass, one of the five in *Nsync, finally came out as gay. I say finally because as much as he tried to keep it under wraps, a lot of fans suspected it. In fact, a lot of fans just didn't care. The only ones that did were the ones dreaming of sleeping with him one day. I always suspected, and there were always rumors about it, but he kept it to himself, and I respected that. The rumors have only been getting worse lately though. Perez Hilton has no problems throwing out pictures and other items to bring out Lance's gayness.

Looks like Lance finally had enough, and he took it upon himself to come out. He did it on his terms and went to People magazine. I'm actually glad he came out. One shouldn't have to hide who they are from the world just to keep up some image for their fans. True fans will love Lance whether he is gay or straight. All that matters is his happiness, and it appears from this article he is.


mrsmogul said...

I wrote about Lance today too. Yeah I wasn;t a fan but my teenage niece was!

Ben said...

I'm sure 12 year old girls everywhere are just crushed.

B said...

I told my co-workers that "we" meaning Nsync fans have known this from day one. I doubt there is one shocked fan out there unless they're in denial about it!

heavenlee said...

ahh..I was and am a huge fan of Nsync too :)
And yes, I'd suspected as much about Lance so wasn't entirely suprised. So nice to see a fellow lover of Nsync !
The moment I heard a 15 yr old Justin Timberlake sing, I knew he would be a future star. The kid was amazing and the man he's becoming is just awesome :)

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