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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

First off, I have selected a new blog of the week this morning. It was a real tough decision because I had twelve blogs bid on the spot, and it took me to the very last minute to pick one. The person sharing the wildness here this week is Laci with Long, Slow, Beautiful Dance. She's been my Blog of the Week before, but on my other blog, One Couch Critic. Now it is her turn here. She's one of the newer blogs I've begun reading on a regular basis, and she's great. She speaks her mind. Plus she works in television.

This weekend, she is participating in Blogathon '06 and staying up for 24 hours to blog for charity. 48 posts, one for each half hour, and her charity is the WHAS Crusade For Children. She's looking to raise $500 hundred dollars, so either help by donating or by supporting her on Saturday while she blogs. I know I'll be stopping by and checking in this weekend. She isn't the only one participating in the Blogathon though. I'll see if I can find links to a few others and give them shoutouts Saturday morning. If you're participating, let me know and I'll include you this weekend. Don't forget to check Laci out this week though. Not just on Saturday!

Thanks to everyone else that bid this week: Chelle-Belle.com, Chocablog, Full Metal Photographer, Jellybean's View, New Century Notebook, RECOMMENDED, The Grocery List From Hell, The Pink Diary, The Plumbutt Chronicles, Things that i see and hear... and Whatchu Tawkin Bout.

In other blog business, I just updated and cleaned out all my blogrolls. I checked for dead links or blogs that were no longer updated or for blogs that took down their link to my blog. I also added a few new blogs to my daily blog reads because I had been meaning to for awhile now. i might go through again in a week or two because I know I probably missed some links somewhere.


GOod choice Gina! :-)

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