344. If there is one thing I hate ...

Thursday, July 20, 2006

It is anything creepy and crawly ad bug like.Well, last night we had a cricket get into our apartment. Not sure ho, but we knew it was in here because our youngest cat, Mikey, found it and tackled it. He then picked it up and brought it into my room to show me. He dropped the offending creature right in my room. I looked away, and it was gone. I thought it was either dead somewhere in my room or one of the cats had a late night snack.

Well, it just made its presence known when I was sitting talking to my brother in my room. Joe is sitting on the bed, and here comes this huge thing jumping next to him onto the bed. Maybe it wanted to join in the conversation?I screamed so loud. My brother jumped and then he killed the thing and it is now a resident of the Arizona sewer system. My cats did a lousy job killing the creature! No treats for them.


Shesawriter said...

We had one in our garage and since our bedroom is right above it, the thing kept us up all night. I'm sorely tempted to go get one of those bug bombs to just do a mass killing of it and whatever else is lurking down there. (g)

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